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Super Buu can absorb Hulk and Hal if he wants
Hulk can get as enraged as he wants, but eventually his emotions need to kick in and stop him
Hal's ring is at full power
No BFR. Kill or KO your opponent(s) to win.

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At the risk of being attacked, I'm going with Super Buu or Hal. It's a tough choice, I'm not sure if the ring can completely vaporize someone. If it can then Hal wins, if not it's a stalemate or Buu takes it.  I'd give a more definite answer,but I don't know enough about just what the ring can do besides make constructs and a few other tricks. I also don't know if Super Buu has infinite stamina or not.  Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

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1. Why so DBZ? 
2. Super Buu I guess.

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Buu is universal threat he wins.

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I will go with Green lantern here. Buu can try t absorb the Hulk but Goku and Vegeta was able to break free. I am sure the Hulk can do the same. The problem the Hulk will have is him only having physical force as his only option.

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You shouldn't bump threads that are against the rules. But I believe Super Buu would win.