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Sunturion and Ghost vs Nimrod and Victor Mancha

Can these two intangible tech-controllers beat these two high-tech techs?

All characters are recent versions. Sunturion is not able to directly convert his opponents into energy. No morals. Win by rendering the opposing team unable to fight for at least half an hour (this may include temporary or permanent destruction, death, incapacitation, control of their tech, etc.).

Battle takes place in a depopulated New York Stock Exchange, starting on opposite sides of the floor.

Who wins and why?

Victor Mancha
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Let me try to sum up here:

Sunturion: is made of solid energy. Can control computers, teleport, go intangible, shoot energy blasts, lock on to the energy blasts that others shoot at him and shoot back through their own energy channel, transform matter to energy, fly, Iron Man-level strength, force fields, create omnidirectional energy blasts, make holograms, absorb energy.

Ghost: human with tech-suit. Can turn invisible and intangible but only one at a time, control machines, shoot various energy blasts and other weapons, including explosives.

Nimrod: future-era Sentinel. Can counteract almost any mutant power, shoot all kinds of energy blasts including disintegration, regenerate from a single molecule, high-level super strength (near Juggernaut) and durability, has all kinds of special powers including reversing someone's gravity, shock webs, forcefields, magnetic control, at least minimal remote tech control, flight, teleportation (rarely used).

Victor Mancha: android created by Ultron. Electromagnetic powers: can move and reshape metal through magnetic control, electric blasts; fly, some level of superhuman strength and agility, self-repair systems.