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This is blood line battle so morals are off, win by KO or Kill.

Team 1 The Summers: Scott (Cyclops), Alex (Havok), and Gabriel (Vulcan) VS

Team 2 The Rasputins: Piotr (Colossus), Illyana (Magik), and Mikhail

Three rounds, advantage goes to the losing team based on how you picked the prior round:

Round 1 : Random Location 3v3

Round 2 : Losing team gets all equipment typical to that character (ex Cyclops' suit to help absorb light or Illyana's magic gear)

Round 3 : Losing team gets location (X-Mansion or Limbo)

Rounds are independent of each other, no prep, start 1000 yards apart. GO!

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Summers team,I think Vulcan could solo.

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@Ferdelance: I was worried about that, even in Limbo? What about round two Colossonaut?

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i'm undecided, considering Magik in her realm and their oldest brother..

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@Captain_Awesome85:I thought it was just normal Colossus.....if you throw Colossonaut into it the mix, the Summers team have no way of stopping him literally. I don't really know what magik is capable of in Limbo so can't say.

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Summers Brothers because of Vulcan and Havok .

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Interesting fight. I am assuming people are saying Vulcan based on his fight against Adam Warlock.

Would he be able to manipulate all of Magik's powers in Limbo? She basically controls all the magic of that dimension plus Mikhail? Magik has depowered whole armies, a juggernaut, an asgardian goddess and other characters in Limbo too...She would also have her demon armies helping out.

If he can, can't Illyana teleport his head off before he does it? ( since she is bloodlusted) or BFR them into another time period? Similar to Thanos dumping Firelord and Drax in earth's prehistoric past? The fight with Adam took longer then a teleportation blitz.

Also if Vulcan did absorb magical energy would that turn him into a magical being and make him vulnerable to the Soul Sword?

Scott and Colossus would seem to be next to useless here.

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I'll give it to the Rasputins, Mikhail, and Magik being the deciding factor. Vulcan can absorb magic as was shown from his bout with Magus but Magic was being used in an energy form. Also if he absorb Magic and Magik stabs him with the Sword It could be deadly to him. Also there is no way any of them could counter being teleported by Magik.

Also because of her ordeal with her soul being ripped from her she doesn't really have Morals, The best example of her really not caring was the version of her that showed up in HOM. Any range weapons would be sent flying back at them, and could be redirected according to who wasn't immune to the attack from any angle. Also you have the fact that Magik's strategies due to her ability to manipulate time and space via teleportation are above anyone in this fight. Although Cyclops thinks well ahead, it's been proven that Magik's thinks months even years ahead controlling everything without anyone knowing until the very last minute.

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I am gonna give this fight to team Summers Vulcan is the reason. he has enough endurance to tank most of what i can remember the others being able to dish out.