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The FF is in a mission to study a Black Hole in sector 2762 of the Andromeda Nebula, when something happens and Sue Storm is sucked to it.

In the same time, Guy Gardner is seaching for an fugitive that run to the sector 2672 of the same nebula, just to find Sue Storm lost is some rock-to-be-planet.

The planet has an oxygen atmosfere that led to agressive behavior. Sue storm is close to be Malice, and Guy Gardner is just pissed.

Its everything green against everything invisible.


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Sue Storm wins...

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I Would say tie

Because they both have the Potential of Creating Force Fields

And I this Guy Gardner Would Be smart Enough To build a Force Field If Susan Goes Invisible

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sue can take it.. bad enough if guy gardner doesnt really use his head when he fights if he is pissed off sue can win this

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Sue makes a forcefield in Guy's head and wins.

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Can't they both make forcefields?

I'd say stalemate... Both can technically take it. Just because she goes invincible, doesn't mean he can't protect himself. It'd be a waiting game.

Thing is with that, how patient can Guy be? He's not really known for patience. Also known for getting sloppy mad. I honestly don't know. I have some claims on why Guy can take this, but I don't know how accurate they'd be.

An example, what would stomp Guy from creating the forcefield around him, and attempting to create a weapon while in the force field to knock Sue around. Again, don't know how accurate that would be. I need to do some more research on Sue.

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Guy. Obviously.

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Guy if he fights smart. Then again, he is the guy to challenge Batman without his ring or Vuldarian powers...