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Alright who wins in no-holds bar match?

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SoundWave07 says:

"Alright who wins in no-holds bar match?"

I'd say Spider-Man because there have been slower people that dodged his ice attacks and were able to strike him.

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Yeah but H2H which it will come down to who would win?

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Subzero. Spidey has speed and reflexes but that doesnt amount to martial arts automatically. Subzero is way an experienced fighter

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Spidey has a his speed, reflexes, and super strength. I give the edge to him.

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Sub Zero is better martial artist
But Spider-Man has superhuman speed, agility and reflexes so can dodge any punches and kicks Sub Zero throws at him
Spider-Man is much stronger so can grab Sub Zero and throw him about
Sub Zero best hope is to freeze Spider-Man but very doubtful he will get the chance as SpiderMan would just dodge
SpiderMan can also just use his web attacks on Sub Zero, who is not as fast or agile to dodge
Spider-Man wins

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  @Lantern Prime: In just hand-to-hand combat? Probably Zero still. If you factor in the 'test your might', it brings Zero around Spidy's league. If you don't factor it in, Spidy probably wins.
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in a no holds barred match spidey might have an edge coz he'll do alot of dodging and gymnastics and he'll surely "hold" to his web lol! but if we bring this solidly to the ground he is no match for subzero. subzero has the skills and the ruthlessness to get the job done. well as for "neighborhood friendly spiderman', he is just a boy in this game. subzero is a cold blooded killer