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I am Groot!

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I'm going to mercilessly troll anyone who says Thanos

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@laflux: Thanos, I mean he's indestructible right?

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@laflux: Beating Thanos is Squirrel Girl's job. Groot beats people STRONGER than Thanos.

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@laflux said:

I'm going to mercilessly troll anyone who says Thanos


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Groot beat Monster of Badoon who won with Thing and few others. I see Monster of Badoon in similar league with Abomination, so Groot should be above them.

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Technically, couldn't Groot replicate the Squirrel Girl feat by breaking off a lot of twigs to grow several tiny copies of himself?

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Groot >>> galactus Groot > Odin/high skyfather

groot can smash anyone including my mum and he is unbreakble and scary

Look how breakable galactus is and he looks like a homeless santa and cant scare anyone

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One of my favorite feats of Groot was when the Guardians took on a feral Thanos. Groot actually put some nice shots on Thanos. Thanos was fine afterwards, but the fact that Groot managed to get some shots off at all was pretty impressive. Thanos then retaliated IIRC uppercutting Groot. Groot survived the shot and came out not too beat up.

After that feat, I think Groot could take a baseline or just a bit above baseline savage Hulk. He could also take the Thing, Rhino, and maybe the Blob.

If you give him some heavy artillery that he sometimes carries, he can probably have no problem with a lot of the characters mentioned above.