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I believe Spider-Man is the best of the street levelers

So I made a top tier tourney for street level

Top tier SL is around Spidey level, any questions about what it is ask and I'll help.

Pick two people, no prep in rounds. If someone mentions someone being overpowered, then we will vote if they are or aren't. You can only use one version of a single person, but for example you can use Kaine if I use Spider-Man.

Characters in character, so make a good team.

8 people aloud, if too many people join I can raise it to 16.

The round one battle will be in an uninhibited western ghost town.

You will be completely surrounded by desert, so no escape or people.

Choose wisely.

My team-

Spider-Man Symbiote (for style mostly)

And Beastboy (for fun)

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Alligator Nichol

Iron Fist

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Spider-Man Sybiote Suit

Beast boy


Alligator Nichol

Iron Fist

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Bruce Wayne(Beyond suit) and Deathstroke

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Yes, he does, so team 2 for you

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Guyver 3