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1/Marvel)Captain America,Black Panther,Hawkeye,Ironfist, Wolverine, Punisher,Daredevil, Winter Solider and Black Widow

2/DC)Batman,Cassandra Cain,Green Arrow,Nightwing,Midnighter(new 52),Black Canary, Red Arrow,Catwoman and Jason Todd.

Team Marvel has to rid Gotham of The League of Assassins,Court of Owls, Bane, The Joker,Hush and Deathstroke.

Team DC has to rid New York of HAMMER(A.I.M,The Hand, and Hydra), Taskmaster, Sabretooth, and Norman Osborn.

Who cleans the city up in the fastest time?

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Really dont' think Midnighter should be on team 2. That's just my feeling on it. He and Canary Really tip the scales in the favor of that team. They have very highlevel offensive ability where as team 1 only has Iron fist in that same respect.