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Stormwatch has been watching the political tension between the mutant nation of Utopia and the human governments of the world. Believing that Utopia is a threat to global security Stormwatch has devised a plan to bring down the infrastructure of Utopia.
Meanwhile back on Earth in the nation of Utopia, Sage emerges from obscurity with important news for Cyclops. Sage says she has hacked Stormwatch's database and discovered their plan to bring down utopia. The good news is that Sage has saved copies of both Stormwatch's plans and their members' profiles that include info on their powers.
Battle Intelligence: The X-Men know the invasion will be 1 month from the day of Sage's arrival, and have the time to prepare for Stormwatch's arrival. The X-Men have full access to the nation's political resources and any members of the nation's population it needs. Professor Xavier and Wolverine are still in Utopia. Stormwatch has its full roster at its disposal except The Eminence of Blades. Will Utopia still stand after the attack from Stormwatch? Also feel free to discuss how you think the story would be told if this were a real story arc.
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Magik w/ prep destroyed the Elder Gods. Plus you have Xavier, Hope and Scott.

This version of MM can't even mindrape from a distance. He needed physical contact to mindwipe his teammates. Hell fire might be the best way to deal with him or maybe time trapping.

Jenny is powerful but still inexperienced. Apollo busting through her shields almost k.o.d her.

If they have doors the X-men have access to time travel, Limbo and its endless armies.

Danger might be able to hack into their systems like Grifter did and mess up "doors".

Midnighter has trouble reading magical opponents. So an army of demons taking him on might be the answer.

Legion might be on the island too.

Magik and Pixie and always bfr jack out of a city.

I am not sure how this team would also fare against Emma, Betsy and Xavier combined.

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@chiq: you forgot about the Cuckoos, Iceman, Loa, Quentin Quire, Magneto, Danger and the X-club with prep.... jeez, If Legion or Darwin are there, this is spite.