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Hey so yes you're going to hate me but I'm doing a Strom vs Thor debate, I know it's been done before but I don't feel people give Storm a fair chance. Yes I'm a tad bit biased but I truly believe if Strom tried her hardest, becoming one with the elements breathing fire and Ice she has a CHANCE. I don't think it's a total cumberstomp. Thor yes is indeed much more powerful than the mutant, he has more impressive feats, and yes he is a god but storm always suprises people. First off she has a natural connection with the environment she's in. The weather isn't something she simply controls but it's something that responds to her emotions and desires subconsciously. Her and the weather are one, and its apparet Thor isn't one with the weather he merely controls it in a superior manor, that connection is vital. Secondly, I feel Storm if she reaches her full potential she would have not only the weather, but all forms of energy to her disposal. This isn't a storm trumps thor. I'm saying that the possibility is greater than those presume.

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Is Storm even fast enough to react if Thor comes at her at light speed?

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He KO's her with a kiss, again.

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I love storm too but Thor is much too durable much too fast for Storm. His control over weather is also arguably on par or better than Oro's :/. I hope someone can come on here and shed some light on this.. and prove you right because I'm just saying this based off a few feats. Thor wasn't even serious about this fight either. I don't know if this is Canon or not but Thor has other feats that put him above Storm.

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You don't really know anything about Thor do you?

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Also,welcome to the vine.

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@Dernman said:

You don't really know anything about Thor do you?

Lets see storm react to thor flying FTL at her face with mjolnir..

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Storm wins.

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Thor, fairly easily.

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I might try to argue that some versions of storm could contend to Thor. In some instances I have seen her display some serious magical strength. However in the case of classic storm vs (any) Thor, the Asgardian takes this one with ease.

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@ShootingNova said:

Thor, INSANELY easily.

Fixed :)

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Just wait, the Storm fanboy's browsers are loading.....

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And this is what the battle threads have been resorted to...

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Thor. He has the same powers, but they are mystical based...long with the superman like archetype, it's highly unlikely she wins. Sure, she might be able to pull something off, but for the most part Thor wins. How does she hurt him?

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I think Storm is better as a character, but battle wise she just isn't in Thor's league.

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In a straight up fight between the two of them, Storm doesn't stand a chance.

The only fight where Storm would stand a chance, is a pure Weather Manipulation contest. Where both of them have strengths/abilities that the other doesn't have.

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Thor wins this.

Cue the storm fanboy brigade

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If you know it has been done, then bump the old thread. Duplicate threads are not allowed. Locking this.