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Fight takes place over a city

To the Death.

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Thor's hammer punctures through all of them at Twice the Speed of Light.
Therefore Thor wins.
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I think the team has a fair chance. Raiden's teleporting, Storm's various weather manipulations and strength, and Red Tornado's speed, repair, cyclone vortex, and strength. Alone, Red Tornado would give Thor major troubles but now he has 2 others with him. Im not too familiar with Raiden so I do not know the extent of damage he could do to Thor. Team wins.

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I think the team might take it thanks to Raiden

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@Jayfournines said:

I think the team might take it thanks to Raiden

Why's that?

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Storm, Red Tornado and Raiden will win. Raiden is pretty powerful

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I keep hearing about these great Raiden feats and powers,but I've played over half the MK games and have never gotten the impression he was all that powerful. If someone could post some info on the matter I would appreciate it otherwise Thor tears the team apart. Even if you want to start the Storm could negate his weather attacks debate, he still over powers the team in speed, strength, and durability.

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I don't know enough about Raiden to know if the team has a shot or not.

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@XImpossibruX said:

@Jayfournines said:

I think the team might take it thanks to Raiden

Why's that?

for some reason I think he can at least stall while the others do something...Thor's a brawler, he will enjoy going toe to toe with Raiden...and in the martial arts dept. I think the guy is better than thor

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well thor can live within the core of a sun without discomfort so I don't think they could damage him.

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Thor easily.

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@Blood1991: In the MK comic, Raiden caught a crashing commercial plane and was able to fly off into the sunset while carrying it with minimal effort. He was also blown up, but was able to reform a short time later, he is an eternal being after all.

Raiden is as fast as lightning, and is a master of every know martial art on earth, past and present, and probably beyond Earth as well. He's at least as old as Earth is and is it's appointed protector. He also earned the status of Elder God after Shinnok, another MK Elder God, was defeated a second time, but he chose to remain in the realms in order to protect Earth and fight the bad guys.

It's already been shown that Raiden can contend with thor in skill, but Raiden lack the power to beat thor outright. If the other guys on the team can pick up the slack and muster the strength to actually put Thor down, then the team wins.

If not Thor eventually wins after a crazy fight.
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@jeanroygrant said:

Thor easily.

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I can't believe some people actually think the team has a shot.

Storm is useless.

Red Tornado is useless.

And Raiden is definitely useless. His lightning would do nothing to Thor and he would probably break his hand or foot punching or kicking Thor.

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He takes them all down and doesnt even really break a sweat..

I mean Raiden is kind of a non factor here..

There is only one master of thunder and lightning Thor will show him.

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No respect because you guys don't give him any credit or care to learn about the character. It's disappointing really...

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Raiden is hurt, physically, by men like Sang Shun, whose only a mortal. Imagine a 100 ton punchers, let alone his hammer. Please, raiden gits sliced and diced.

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@throughmyeyez: Say Odin severly cuts Thor's powers (durability, speed, strength, magic), and allowed him to only fight using his wits, skills and experience because it was concidered unfair if he fought at full strength. Then put him up against Storm and Red Tornado and tell me what would happen?

Raiden tipically fights with stipulations, and is successful on most accounts. When he was fighting Shang and Quan in Mortal Kombat, his power was drastically cut, thus his durablity was much lower, he strength was at a much lower level, and his combat speed was more human. He lost to 2 of the most powerful sorcerors you'll find, and that's a fault for him? Whatever.

Like I said, no respect because you guys don't know the character.

For the record, Raiden fighing a full strength almost destroyed the Earth.

A rough estimate of the MK characters power levels is here: http://www.comicvine.com/myvine/onilordasmodeus/mortal-kombat-character-power-grid-mk-power-levels/87-83343/
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@onilordasmodeus: Maybe you should browse this thread.