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Rules: Pick a Team of Seven to defeat my team of Seven.

No one on your team can be stronger or equal to Sailor moon.

No one gets prep. This a random encounter.

Morals are on.

Win by death or incapacitation.




Mr. Majestic


Black Adam


Martian Manhunter

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No idea on Sailor Moon.



The Runner - 100 tonner, Flash+ speed, flight, can't die, magical extreme charisma

Current Silver Surfer

Classic Dr. Strange

Maxima - Better than Superman, plus TP and force fields

Monel with GL ring

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@robertloucksjr: basically no one who is galactic in scale of power

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  1. Silver Surfer
  2. Thor
  3. KC Superman
  4. Superboy Prime
  5. Hela
  6. Pluto
  7. Vulcan
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My team:

Doomsday takes out Lobo

Alan Scott takes out Goddess

Silver Surfer takes out Majestic

Hal Jordan takes out Sinestro

Cyborg Superman takes out Black Adam

Captain Atom takes out Quasar

Despero takes out Martian Manhunter

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Me .... I can draw pretty well so I can draw them being beat by me...Jk seriously though how strong is Sailor Moon.

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1. Thanos

2. Maxima

3. The Runner

4. Captain Atom

5. Fernus

6. King Thor

7. Zoom

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@ThatGuyWithHeadPhones: galactic in scale

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Silver Surfer

Scarlet Witch

Iron Man

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Sailor Moon i have no idea on but heres my 7.

Silver Surfer

Beta Ray Bill

Cyborg Superman

Kyle Rayner

Red Son Superman

Onslaught (1st version to make it fair)

& Red Shift

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Aquarian prevents the blitz long enough for Fantomex to misdirect, then Wither kills everyone with his decomposition powers.

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Yuga Khan, PC Darkseid, PC Mongul, PC Dr Fate, Infinity Man, Starro, Takion,

Yuga can almost solo by canceling out everyone else's powers and one shotting them.

Uxas can take most of the people here by himself as well, BFR them all into the Omega Sanction, or mind rape them.

PC Mongul took on the solar system sneezer, his family and his friends, put them all down. He smacked PC Superman on his ass. He can take Lobo, Magestic, Sinestro and Black Adam at the same time.

PC Fate was basically Classic Strange and he squared off with Mordru. I'd put him against Goddess

Drax .... yeah he's over powered.... but, not galactic. He can almost solo as well. But I'd put him up against Majestic, Black Adam and Quasar.

Starro killed Despero.....nuff said. He can mindrape just about everyone here, and if there is someone here who is flat out immune to TP, that person(s) get's wrecked by the rest of their own team. Starro doesn't even need his own teams help to solo.

Takion drained out Kyle Rayner's ring and messed up Captain Atom at the same time.... he can take Quasar and Sinestro by draining their energy, he can then possess Majestics body and kill everyone else besides lobo since he can't die.

My team wins