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Superman has taken control of the U.S. government by force. The heroes of earth have united to oppose him. You must choose a team of five heroes to combat him.


Superman's forces:

Superman has four generals under his command:

1. Red Hulk

2. Super Skrull

3. Beta Ray Bill

4. Loki (adult version)

In addition superman has full command of Shield, 250,00 soldiers, 10,000 tanks, 1,000 Iron Man Armors a.i.s


Abandoned Washington D.C. (your team starts out 10 miles away)


Your team must have 5 members

Your team gets 2 weeks of prep

No one on faster then silver surfer

No one stronger Superman

No one with healing factor better then lobo

No skyfathers or above

Your team must eliminate Superman and his generals

No one who could solo

This is the pre 52 version Superman

Current version of his generals

Only Marvel/DC characters

Standard gear for Superman and his generals

Can your team make it?

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Monel with GL ring

Dr. Fate

Silver Surfer

Alan Scott with full StarHeart

Super Adaptoid copying the other 4's powers to the best of its ability

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Silver Surfer



Doctor Doom


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1. Silver Surfer

2. John Stewert GL

3. Hunter/Prey Doomsday

4. Wally West

5. Zoom

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Mirror master, Violator, Black Adam, Quasar, and Gladiator

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franklin richards


pre 52 billy batson /lord marvel

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Doctor Doom

Super Adaptoid




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Swamp thing

Flash barry


doctor doom

reed richards

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Martian manhunter

1. silver surfer

2.Dr. Doom



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Dr Strange Martian Manhunter Cyborg Superman Chaos war Abomination Captain Atom

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@Army2442: Wow EASY match.

Ghost Rider (Zarathos)

Ghost Rider (Nobel Kale)

Son of Satan (Post Hellord)

Batman (Frank Millers)

Juggernaut (Classic)

Superman and his friends get PWN hard.

Ooops Saw only Marvel / DC Characters.

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Team: Brainiac 13, Cyborg Superman, Gorilla Grodd, Wonder Woman, Orion

Ground Reinforcements: 1,000 BrainOMAC Probes

Base of Operations: Brainiac's Skull Ship

Brainiac leads the team, using his prep to plant himself into the technology of earth to gather information as he builds his own army on his Skull Ship. He finds, retrieves and applies Brother Eye's technology to his Brainiac Probe army, calling them BrainOMACs.

Hank Henshaw makes use of Brainiac's Kryptonian technology and Orion's Fourth World technology building himself a strong body with it as well as taking command of a few BrainiOMAC drones.

Gorilla Grodd recreates his mind amplification device gather intel on Superman's general's abilities and weaknesses, he briefs the team so they have prior knowledge.

Diana gathers her weapons and armors blessed by the gods of Olympus themselves; the Sword of Hephaestus, the Shield of Aegis, the Sandals of Hermes, the Gauntlets of Atlas, the Axe of Ares as well as her Eagle Armor.

Orion gathers mother boxes to give to his team along with other Fourth World tech that may prove useful, he outfits his Astro Harness with Kryptonian tech from Brainiac. He also summons all the Astro Force he can.

Brainiac, Henshaw and Orion put their technologies together to quickly muster 1,000 BrainOMAC probes to fight for them on the ground, and they can spread the OMAC virus to unprotected humans they encounter.

Brainiac begins by sending his half of his army down via boom tube to meet the Superman's army of SHIELD, artillery, and Iron Man AIs while the other half uses Brainiacs energy bottles to trap Superman's entire army. The BrainOMACs then begin spreading the OMAC virus to the SHIELD soldiers increasing their numbers 25 x over. Brainiac and Henshaw hack the AI Iron Man suits and tanks. Brainiac, Cyborg Superman, Orion, Gorilla Grodd, Wonder Woman and the 25,000 BrainOMACs boom tube to where Superman and his generals are followed by the 1000 hacked Iron Man AIs, the 10,000 hacked tanks and the Skull Ship itself. Who wins, I wonder ....................

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Black Panther - bringing with him Wakanda army

Aquaman - Bringing Atlantis Army

Namor - with other Atlantis army

Wonder Woman - with Amazon warriors

And Booster Gold - in case of defeat he can travel back in time e prevent Super became rogue

I don't know if they'll win but we gonna have a war all over the world