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static shock .v. bushy brows lee

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Static could win this if he could take him out before Rock Lee unleashes his ultimate moves and such... But, Static may have a hard time hitting him, even with his electricity. Rock Lee has the superior agility and reflexes/reaction time....

If drawn out, Rock Lee wins...

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If rock lee still keeps hit weight on static can win this pretty easily.

If he takes if off static is possibly done for. Rock lee did fight the lighting dude while drunk and only got knocked out. Which means static can only win if he keeps a shield up. If not rock lee takes off tem weights then lee wins...................

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It's basically a 50/50 battle then.... It's just that Static has a tendency to play around and joke on his enemies to prolong the battle...

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Yeah thats true. Its 50/50 here. Although I'd lean towards static in this if he doesn't give him the chance to take his weights off an just shocks him I'd say 70/30. 70 with static.