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Morals: on When: 5:00pm Where: New York at the beach Extra info: good cole with ice. Riptide works on mortals. Mortals see nothing. Win till KO. FIGHT!!!

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Team One.

Percy COULD solo.

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I dunno Aqualad and Cole are BADASS

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Percy Jackson's movie sucked major balls and his powers are as slow as they can be (Note: I'm talking about the Percy Jackson movie). Percy would get knocked out by Cole by using his powers without caring about the civilians getting hurt then Static would have to solo Cole and Aqualad. Cole will use his powers recklessly shooting it all over the place harming every civilian within the vicinity and since morals are on, and apparently Cole chose the path of infamy, Static would have to save the harmed civilians. Noticing that Static is helping civilians Cole used this as an opportunity to knock him out with his rod thingy (no sexual reference intended). Then, Aqualad notices that his team mate has gone insane after defeating Static and started performing electric resuscitation on conscious pedestrians. Aqualad steps up and charges at Cole with an intent of stopping him from his insanity.

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Percy himself could solor Team 2

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Pretty good battle. I think that Percy could hold back Cole until Aqualad takes down Static (I think Aqualad is just generally more skilled) and then Cole and Aqualad team up on Percy and, after a decent fight, take him down. But its not an easy win.

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i can't imagine cole or static hurting one another and tbh i think static or percy could destroy aqualad with relative ease leaving cole out numbered