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Starfire at her PRIME, she is very angry atbarda and is brained wased into thinking that barda destroyed her home planet and earth, Barda will not put up with this "silliness" and fights her.

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Big Barda takes starfire. Bid Barda is like wonderwoman skill, and i see no way of starfire takeing WW

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Barda ftw

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@Ddecourt: @AllStarSuperman: NOt easily, Starfire is underated, she can go head to head with supes for a little while

just go here to see a gew feats -http://www.comicvine.com/starfire/29-2389/new-52-starfire-respect-thread/92-710574/

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Barda will win here.

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@18hunt: I won't argue with that, Starfire is a very underrated character most times, no doubt this is a fight. But I think Barda is just more skilled.

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Big Barda.

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Yup, Barda takes this. Don't get me wrong, i am a titans fan, but Barda is a new god.