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Jack Kirby
Stan lee


to death

fight at NY

no BFR

morals off

wepons=stan lee=AK47Jack kirby=SMG

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Spite. Stan Lee is spidey.

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Spite! Stan Lee is Juggernaut!

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Even without morals these two gentlemen will go out to get a drink together and reminisce of days long past.


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Kirby was mainly an artist and co-created some Marvel characters in design. His writing however, was mediocre.

Lee was mainly a writer, but lacked the artistic hand of drawing. However, he was a genius writer and created almost most the characters we've been reading about these passed 40+ [almost 50] years. Lee unlike Kirby had also a better conceptual understanding of science, knowing about space-time and parallel universe before the science of Quantum-Physics became popularized in the 1980's. He created Dr. Strange to introduce characters BEYOND cosmic level because he knew that science can only go so far, so he needed a medium to venture beyond that.

This is not a stalemate:

Stan Lee wins 8/10

The 2 points go to Kirby with his character designs and overall art work.