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Round 2

Location: Grand Central Station

Objective: Your team's mothebox (not a useable piece of equipment) will open another boomtube in three hours to your next location, you must be ready to leave in the time limit. Your objective for this round is simple: Be the last team standing.

Starting Distance: 150 ft.

Time Limit: 3 hours

Rules: Winner by K.O, Death or Incap.

As was the case in the previous round you may select one team perk and two individual perks.

Team Perks

Prep Time: Gives your team three hours to make a plan and explore the battlefield beforehand, the battlefield cannot be altered and no additional gear or knowledge can be gained.

Full Knowledge: You're granted full knowledge of your opponents gear, powers, weaknesses etc.

Telepathic Team Link: Your team is linked together telepathically.

Bloodlusted: Your team will kill without hesitation or remorse, their mental states and emotional states remain in character.

The Goodie Bag: Grants each of your team members: A personal wrist mounted radar unit, wireless communicator earwig, gas masks, grenades,(1 flash bang, 1 smoke, 1 teargas) and high tech goggles (10x zoom HD optics, X-ray, Night vision)

Why can’t we be friends? : Your team all cooperates and will work together as if all existing personality clashes/enmity and bad blood didn’t exist.

Give me some Backup! : Grants your team complete control of an 4 man squad of S.H.I.E.L.D Agents outfitted in Civil War style Cape-Killer armor (includes gas masks, hover discs, com units, tranquilizer darts and paralyzer lasers)

Individual Perks

Power Amp: Raises one of your character's strength by 5 tons

Defense Amp: Adds a full body coating of vibranium mesh weave armor to your character’s costume/outfit.

Speed Amp: Raises your characters reflexes by Batman levels.

Gear up: One member of your team can add a piece of non-standard gear to their arsenal provided the equipment doesn't put them over the tournament levels

Blades and bullets: You may turn your character’s bullets/thrown weapons/arrows into adamantium. Or your character’s hand held weapon can be transformed into an Adamantium version of itself.

Ninja: Completely silence’s your character’s movement, heart beat and breathing (any other noise they make can be heard normally)

Team @jwalser3

DeadShot(Pre 52)

Judge Dredd

DeathStroke(New 52)


Reward: We Love Perks! You may select one additional Team Perk

Team @boschepg

Hawkeye 616




Reward: Haste Talisman: Doubles your character's speed/reactions for 30 seconds

Good Luck!

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Team Perks:(1)Full Knowledge,(2) Give me some Back Up!

Individual Perks: Power Amp(Predator) Defense Amp(DeadShot)

I'll start this off.

I don't know anything about Shaman or Guardian. But I do know some stuff on Creeper and Hawkeye.

DeadShot vs Hawkeye

I believe a lot of shooting arrows out of the air will be happening a lot in this battle. Haha.

I've already shown DeadShot tagging Speedsters, so his reaction time should be okay. And DeadShot can also pull of shots like this on Hawkeye.

Leaving Hawkeye o his h2h skills. Which wont matter seeing how DeadShot will be far away.

I'll edit more later. I have to go.

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Team Perk: Full Knowledge: You're granted full knowledge of your opponents gear, powers, weaknesses etc.

Individual Perk: Gear up: One member of your team can add a piece of non-standard gear to their arsenal provided the equipment doesn't put them over the tournament levels (Kang bow and arrow - Avengers Forever)

Ill post more later, good opening too. Do you want me to do a run down of what my people do and stuff since we both have full knowledge?

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@boschepg: Yeah I'd like to know more about Shaman and Guardian.

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this is gonna be good

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I'm sure Hawkeye vs DeadShot will be interesting. But with DeadShot's reaction time he should be able to pull off a lucky shot. As far as Creeper goes....Is his laugh caused by fear? Because Dredd has been able to look Judge Fear in the face and be completely unfazed.

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@jwalser3: sorry I took so long


magic user. has a magic bag that when he reaches in pulls out mystical trinkets. He can teleport entire teams, standard magic TP and is a weather controller


has a cybernetic helmet that controls his circuit suit which produces plasma energy. It can fly, produce force fields and shields too. It was actually made for deep surface digging but got upgraded to a weapon type suit


demon. super healing factor. agility. healing factor. sharp claws. healing factor. hypnotic paralyzing laugh


trick arrows with accuracy. Some of his trick arrows are Stark Tech(I know tons with Hawkeye)

can I get a list of your team. Im more of a Marvel guy

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  • DeathStroke: Super soldier that is able to use 90% of his brain. Enhanced reflexes, speed, Nth metal armor, master of multiple martial arts, and marksman.
  • Predator: Galactic hunter, carries around a plasma shoulder cannon, spear, wrist blades, smart disc(able to come back) cloaking, and special mask that grants him different visions.
  • Judge Dredd: Future cop, h2h training, day stick(It has a Titanium core), lawgiver(Has up to 8 different types of bullets, Hi-EX, Stun,Armor piercing)
  • DeadShot: Dc's best marksman. Has 2 wrist mounted guns, 2 custom glocks(fires multiple types of bullets)

Depending on how strong Guardian's shields are, he'll be a problem. I'd like to see what they can handle. Because I believe Predator and Dredd have the fire power to break it. Via charged up shoulder cannon and HI-EX rounds.

As for Shaman, perhaps DeathStroke can pull off a head shot before he pulls any thing big out of his bag of tricks. That or Predator sneak up behind him.

Creeper vs Dredd would be interesting. Now I'm thinking HI-EX and armor piercing rounds and penetrate his skin. And I know he is fast but Dredd has Heat Seaker rounds....So good luck. Or if he gets close, a stun round could do the trick.

But the hardest one yet will be DeadShot vs Hawkeye. I've already shown him taking out Green Arrow's bow and hitting his bullets out of the air. His reaction time should be enough to handle Hawkeyes speed, and arrows.

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@jwalser3: good stuff, but in a closed environment can your crew dodge the Pym arrows of death

Its like a thousand arrows at once. Visually, I picture it like this

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@jwalser3: also, on the bow and arrow. The perk made me bring along a non mainstream item. I brought the Kang bow and arrow

Guardians shield are good. It takes hits from Wolverine and even smothered a nuke

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@boschepg: The bow and arrows he is packing seem pretty cool. But DeadShot's smoke rounds should give them cover. Also, a cool idea here, Predator and Dredd, with their infrared vision can shoot clearly out of the smoke.

IMO heat seekers will help Dredd a lot

As for Guardian, with the smoke as cover; the Predator can cloak itself and blitz him while Dredd's heat seekers are flying about.


As he did, the ruined door slammed open, and there were those things. Buyanov moaned.

"Devil!" Anatoli said.

Then, without warning, moving faster than human eyes could follow, the foremost of the three creatures rammed a spear through Anatoli's chest. Anatoli crumpled. With his lung pierced, he couldn't even manage a dying scream.

. . .

One of the creatures ran after him, moving inhumanly fast, so fast Buyanov could not properly follow the motion. As Dmitri's hand reached for the alarm handle, the thing's hand slammed down on the top of the Russian's head.

- Cold War

As for DeathStroke, fighting the Creeper shouldn't be a problem. His sword has been able to cut cars, armored soldiers, planes, etc. He has also enhanced reflexes that should be able to handle the creeper.

Then it becomes a sharpshooter battle between Hawkeye and DeadShot. DeadShot is DC's best marksman. Been able to tag speedsters and bring Green Arrow to a stalemate. I'll post scans for him later tonight.

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@boschepg: Also I don't know how durable Guardian and Shaman is but Predators blades are able to do

Easily cut humans in half

Cut through tank armor

Now I gotta bring up that 300 video you posted. That is a huge over statement. While I understand what you're saying, it wouldn't be on that scale.

And I believe DeadShot can handle Hawkeye

He was also able to handle a Speedster

Also his reaction time.

While I know Hawkeye has trick arrows, DeadShot has taken on Trickster, so explosive trick shots won't be anything new to him. He as also taken beatings from bullet proof enemies and still came out on top. His accuracy has shown him killing armored soldiers by shooting them in the slits of their armor. Plus he has been able to handle Green Arrow's trick arrows, IMO not much of a difference.

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I give my vote to Jwalser3

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i give my vote to jwalser3 but very good debate from both individuals

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@jwalser3 you get the win and advance to the next round, congrats.