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Battlefield ; A battle-damaged City. 
Morals are off. 
Prep: None. 
Start 100 ft. away. 
Who's got this?

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Based on showings, Majestic. But the battle would probably go to Gogeta. Interesting because Gogeta is what Goku is only more so where as Majestic is everything Superman is only more so.

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if Superman fused with Majestic than i think we would have a MURDERSTAWMP on our hands

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Do people not understand how OP SSJ4 Gogeta is?

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I've seen nothing from Majestic to say he can contend with the most hax character in Dragon Ball.

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As I know Majestic is the strongest Superman rip-off. I would love to see some scan or just explanation on why would he win. All I know he is a thousand year old warrior, does things at superspeed, and genius. This would be an interesting fight against SSJ4 Vegeta, because Gogeta last only for 5 minutes.