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Random match-up, takes place in one of Mojo's arenas for the entertainment of the masses... He has erected a filed that will not allow BFR, but death/incapacitation are still options for victory.  The two start at opposite ends of the arena. We'll say blood lust is on, as neither woman wants to get stared at by the freakish Mojo for any longer than needed... Both have full access to their powers. 
Spiral                                                                                                            Zatanna                                                                                                                  

uncanny x-men 509
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zatanna should win here in sorcery and spiral should win in a h2h combat

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Ezeerf laripS! 
Annataz sniws.
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@Jake Fury said:
" Ezeerf laripS!  Annataz sniws. "
Well, I know Spiral has some decent magic chops as well... and she also has time/dimensional manipulation powers i think, so maybe a simple ice spell wouldn't cut it?
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after she freezes her. 
Sdrows Elapmi reh treah.
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@Jake Fury said:
" @whacknasty: after she freezes her.  Sdrows Elapmi reh treah. "
Lol. I couldn't cut it as one of Zatanna's teammates... It took me waaay too long to figure out what the heck that said...
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I don't see how they do it either. 
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can go either way... i know Zatanna is powerful but Spiral has the speed advantage as well as some unknown spells on her sleeves.

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either way, Spiral is good and so is Zatanna, I'm more leaned for Zatanna but low level criminal has beat her before.

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zatanna just has to speak to win. spiral usually has to do guestures. so zatanna.
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Overall, Zatanna is the clear winner.  Her magic is really a great advantage for her to win. with just a statement, Spiral didn't even know she already lose the battle.
but on h2h combat, Spiral definitely wins.

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Big Z hands down.
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Zatanna wins!
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Lets revive this a bit... since i gave an undecided decision two years ago but after reading alot about Spiral and Zatanna... Spiral bags this one.

She can cancel out spells or even deflect them.

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hmmm...Good match. might boil down to who gets the first spell out.

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spiral can go back in time and kill her as a child too :P

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