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  • Kaine is pre embracing full other powers
  • Lizard is in control, not Connors
  • Rhino is pre ends of the earth
  • Everyone else is current (except Ben he is alive...)
  • Morals are on
  • Standard gear
  • Win by KO/Death/Incapacitation
  • Random encounter


  • Begin visible
  • Begin 20 feat apart (green goblin starts in the air)
  • unpopulated
  • Fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

Spider-man 2099 respect thread


There are scans of current lizard in this thread


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I'll go with team Spider on this one. Kaine and Superior are relentless, and coupled with the other two, they make a team that is very difficult to beat. Not to mention the fact the I'm a HUGE fan of O'Hara lmfao.

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Spider-team. I just hate everyone on that villain team. They deserve a good kick to the pants. You say Ben is alive. Oh yeah.

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I think the villain team wins this in a hard fight, mainly due to Venom.

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I'd say the Villains. I feel that Venom would take a majority against any of these characters one on one, as could Lizard (possibly). Yes, villains in a good fight with Venom being the MVP.

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I say the Spider team here mainly because you got some very sart people here so they should be able to outsmart them and gain the win.

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I would love to see this battle in comics.

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Spiders for big majority.

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Spiders on this one. Good fight though :)

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This one's honestly too close to count. I'll give it to the Spiders due to the fact that they would work much better as a team.

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Villains same reasons as above