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A non Venom Peter Parker 616 vs Virgil Hawkins with the saucer? Who'd win


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Gonna be a tough one, but I think Static takes this.

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Location? Knowledge? Morals? Gonna need more info. Either could win, honestly.

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pete has stats, webbing which has helped against electro, and probably the most important, brains. that's enough to get my vote

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spiderman takes this.hes beaten electro.remember?

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Electro is a freaking idiot and all of Spider-man elemental villains he really only beats with a plot device.

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Static. His powers are more versatile and as mentioned he is more competent then electro is. Would be close though.

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People are mistaking Statuc as just a lightning throwing guy. Electeo may beat him in power outpit, he he loses hard in brains. Not to mention, Static's powers are electromagnetic, not pure electricity. Spider Man has eebs? Static has repulsion fields. Spider Man has stats? Static has flight and could toally stay out of his range. Peter isn't winning that easily.

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Really good matchup, but Vergil's powers and brains should come through for him.

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Virgil, his powers are much more versatile.

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electro is an all out idiot static is a genus read new 52 static this is a stomp

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Spiderman would put up a good fight but static would take him down and zap him so much that spiderman would be in a wheel chair with brain damage!!

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Really depends in the plot or area of combat.

But I guess Static.

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@patrat18: And he was pretty damn smart pre 52 as well. The "Spider Man beats Electro" argument doesn't hold water because they don't fight the same way. Static isn't going to be bothered by trash talk and get flustered and make a stupid mistake like some C list Spidey rogue.

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