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which spidey will win 
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either regular or 2099

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It comes down to regular or noir. Mostly because Miguel has no spider-sense and therefor no warning if they decided to attack him from behind. Plus the weird light from Noir's goggles would screw up his eyes. After that, 616 takes due to experience and skill. 
Ultimate without symbiote jumps around and then gets curbstomped.

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I'd go with 2099. Miguel has no spider-sense, but he can compensate for it assuming he knows he's in a fight via his enhanced senses/reflexes. Additionally, O'Hara, unlike all the others, still has organic webshooters. He can also take more punishment than the other spidey's. Plus, he's got greater offensive abilities than the others(talons, his venomous bite)
The only thing that could be a problem for him is his fanboyishness at meeting the original actual spiderman.

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@industrious: His lack of spider sense vs people with equal speed and reflexes and the added ability of a spider sense is a huge disadvantage, not to mention he isn't a skilled fighter at all.And I defiantly wouldn't say he could take more punishment then the others.His venomous fangs aren't going to be overly helpful either because there strength and reflexes will prevent him being able to get close enough to bite them.LAck of spidersense and any fighting skill at all means the original takes this.
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original spidey takes this. he has more skill and experience

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616 by experience
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Spiderman regular

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2099 FTW

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Spider Man 2099 win vs the Human Torch 2099 who is at the same level of Namor 616 so i give this to Spider Man 2099

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616 or 2099... leaning towards original

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2099 healing factor, indestructible suit, claws and same abilities as the other (minus spider sense), superior intellect, and if this is a fight he won't need spider sense to realise danger and he can use his organic webs wi out needing to re- load... I love Peter but 2099 is by far the superior spiderman and my personal favorite.

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Is anyone acknowledging the fact that Noir has organic web shooter's too? And Miles has his Venom touch. But regardless Original wins this

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And though O'Hara has an indestructible suit, it doesn't really provide any protection, it just can't tear or fade or stain

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if were talking miles morales ultimate spiderman then he has a paralysizing touch and camoflauge acompanied by the powers of the original ( and there is a slight chance his spider sense already told him it was going to happen in a dream or a vision like it did with electro. spiderman 2099 even though lacking spider sense does have accelerated vision which could help with noir stealth by infared and help him counter ranged attacks, his indistructable suit might help but not much. spider-man noir has a tommy gun and a revolver which could kill ultimate or amazing but 2099 indestructible suit would counter it. the amazing spiderman has the most experience and has more skill of bieng spiderman he would win in h2h because of his way of the spider technique and can react to spider sense faster because of his experience with it ive got to give this to the amazing spiderman ( regaular )