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Let's say that Spiderman for some odd reason, ends up subbing for Batman. He goes to Batman, and ends up being attacked by these six bad guys who wanted to team up and crush the Bat, but instead ended up finding a Spider

Peter Parker, his powers at full, on a Gotham street vs those six bad guys? Oh, and Peter has a vague idea about these guys, and these six about Spiderman, but more from seeing news captions than actual witnessing

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Who’s the guy in the polka dot costume*?


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@zijuun: Er, Polka Dot Man......what I think the guy could be something if a writer was willing to work on him

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@zijuun said:


Who’s the guy in the polka dot costume*?


That's Polka-Dot Man (creative, I know) and I have no clue why he's here. :p Unless it's post-Professor Milo PDM, Spidey will have no trouble with him.

If there's enough plantlife or soil under the concrete on this particular block of Gotham, Ivy could win. Bane as he was written in JSA has a chance, but that's about it. Freeze is too slow on the draw, Croc gets jobbed more than Rhino, and Riddler doesn't even belong here as he's not the run in and merc a dude kind of guy.

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Bat Villains

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Ivy is the only problem with the bat-villains, but spidey could probarly bait mr.freeze into shooting her.

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Spidey takes it. The only problem will be Ivy, but Spidey's senses, speed and agility will win him the day.

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spidey hands down

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@dondave said:

Bat Villains

Yes, due to Ivy

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without prep i think they are down dude,

what Riddler gonna do?


Ivy <<<spider-sense no way we'll go down in a random fight

Bane.....is he even stronger them peter? Lol whatever no gonna put him down

Freze.....without the gun = D:

Polka-Dot Man....dont have a clue who the freaking flying pig this guy is...but gonna go with spider(he looks like a joke)...

next? Lol but really, with prep spider would go down dude

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Batman villains

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Give the Bat villains a chance, include more like Ra's Al Ghul and Deathstroke...

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On paper Ivy should take him by herself.

In a book though Peter wins in an awesome fight.

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Spidey takes this with ease. The Sinister Six were tougher then this and he has beaten them. Like noted the only big issue is Ivy but his Senses won't let him be taken down by her and there isn't anyone who is going to outsmart Pete here. He can one shot all most of them and the ones he can't (Croc and Bane) he can take with ease due to lack of agility for them.

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Spidey wins, but he is too much of a ladies man Ivy could be a problem.

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Since their all together as a team, they should win.

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spiderman wins

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Considering they're a team, Spiderman will have to be careful, but I think he can take this. With no prep time, Riddler is a non-factor. Freeze's gun is way to slow to hit Parker, and his strength doesn't even come close. Croc is just a slower, less intelligent lizard. Polka-dot man was beat up by Harvey Bullock. Peter will laugh at him before casually knocking him out. That leaves Ivy and Bane. I'm not sure if Bane is even as strong as Spiderman, and even if he is, he's certainly not as fast. However, he may be skilled enough to keep Parker at bay long enough to late Poison Ivy do something that will take him down.

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Ivy and Bane could take this.

On another note, seeing as how you included PokaDot man and Riddler instead of worth while villains like Deathstroke and R'as leads me to believe this is supposed to be a spite thread.

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@krspacet: i dont think anywriter is going to work on polka dot man

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This is basically just Spider-man vs Poison Ivy, and Ivy wins. If nothing else Spider-man loses to the pheromones.

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Spiderman in one on one

Team Vs Spidey 50/50