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This is Superior Spiderman

Morals off

Both Bloodlusted

Punisher has 2 pistols Unlimited ammo and an assault rifle with 2 extra magazines

Who wins and why?

Punisher gets 1 week prep

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@ScottishWarlord: I would recommend giving punisher a lot more gear and some prep time. As things stand Spock wins easily.

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Octavius beats Castle worse than he beat Boomerang.

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I just gave Punisher more prep and more gear,

who wins now?

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Spider-man still. Spider-man bloodlusted is practically undefeatable, especially now that it's Otto. And I find any comic where Spidey is beaten by grenades/guns to be total PIS. He is literally a superhero built to render things like these useless. Plus it's been proven that there are punches Spidey can't even feel, normal people like Punisher can't hurt him with their strongest punches and he's even claimed to not even feel some superhuman punches. Spidey wins, with or without prep.

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Spiderpuss mops the floor with Frank, i mean he's tough, a bona fide badass and pretty resilent, but bloodlusted spiderman is not to be triffled with, as he's probably the most dangerous of street levelers.

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Spiderman in a horrible stomp

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Remove Spidey's bloodlust, and just make him willing to kill Frank if necessary but still in character, give Frank an extra week, and let Punisher start the fight, then a debate is possible. You should change this before it gets locked.

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Miss-match. As it stands spidey wins easily. Now if you wrote it up as if Punisher was hunting Spiderman a-la Kraven, then it'd be a much better fight.

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Spider-Octopus dodges all of Punisher's bullets, and kills him with a punch.

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Spider-man .

He is faster , he shoots his web at Punisher , takes his weapons , and kick his head down .

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I think you miss the part were Punisher wins lol.

In any case a week of Prep is a very long time for someone like Punisher, and I find it perfectly feasible for him to come at Spider-Man with all the Goblin Gear he used when he fought with Anti-Venom in New ways to live, in addition to fitting the place to bust with various explosives, traps and what not. Superior Spider-Man doesn't utilize his Spider-Sense to maximum capacity, and hasn't achieved perfect synergy with Peter's body yet. It only takes one stray bullet or explosion to change the tide of the battle.

Nevertheless, I don't think anyone here has underestimated the absolute physical dominance Peter should have in a fight with Frank, and your scan illustrates that well.

I do however think that people are underestimating the bat Prep factor.

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@laflux: Yeah but I just like that picture!!!!

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punisher stomps,

why? 'cuz he pwned iron man like thre time, he stole his armor, he set up his armor so it explodes when he foundit, and then he blows another bomb when he found him, a guy that can do that can totally defeat this spiderman

and the way he defeated nightmare, a guy with a wolverine-like healing factorthat gets stronger with any injury, by exploting him.... I'm quite sure that's how spidey is gonna end up

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Spiderman would get around the unlimited ammo pretty easily with his Spider Sense and then punch the punisher's head off Johnny Cage style...

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@strider92: damn spidey's face is tougher than polar bears. i guess i'll go with the evil octavius

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Wow what an original thread!

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