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In this scenario, the Lizard went on a rampage and killed Gwen, with Peter raging.


-Both Peter and Lizard are bloodlusted, disregarding morals.

-No Prep or Battlefield Removal.

The Location is on top of Oscorp Tower starting 15 feet apart at Night.

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Lizard Kills Him. Spider-Man needs prep or he loses.

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The motivation certainly makes this more brutal, but I still think Lizard's superior durability, healing factor, strength and even size will overcome.  Pete can definitely snag a few wins by slugging or tossing Lizard off the tower, though.

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It would be an awesome fight, due to the fact that Pete is bloodlusted, but the Lizard still wins.

However, I believe Spidey would win if he got prep.

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Pete would deal Connors more damage but the Lizard's regeneration is just too good for Spider-man to put him down.

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As Spidey can't toss Lizard off the building, eventually, Connors is going to wear Parker down with his healing factor, superior strength, durability, and greater ability to deal damage at close range.

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@k4tzm4n: @Lord_Johnathan: @Strider92:

I think a better fight would be Maguire Spider-Man/Ultimate Spider-Man with no webs vs Lizard.