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Your friendly neighborhood Spiderman goes up against your funny interstellar delivery boy.

Peter thought this was going to be an easy fight, but as usual life isn't always that simple. So instead of regular Fry the web head finds himself in battle with:

Fight 1) Captain Yesterday


Fight 2) Coffee enlightenment Fry


Fight 3) Death Factory Fry

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I couldn't find a clip of Death Factory Fry, so here's the entire episode. Who wins?

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Spidey wins everything except #2.

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America Ferrera wins.

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Spider-Man should win here at all the events
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This thread is cracking me up so bad it's not even funny.

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Any other opinions? I've spent a long time trying to find those clips.

I say my buddy Fry has this one. Spidey will put up a fight but Fry will ultimately win and here's why.

1. As Captain Yesterday Fry can easily surpass Spiderman in strength and speed and Peter will probably hurt his hand trying to punch him. And I would absolutely laugh if Spidey's webbing bounces off Fry and gets stuck on Peter instead. Then a good hit to the face would end it.

2. Okay this is basically Spiderman vs Zoom and we all know Spiderman has little chance against that guy. Fry could probably tie Peter up with his own webbing as it's coming out of the web shooters in this fight.

3. This Fry is the most impressive out of the three in combat. He killed off the computer AI and most of the other players practically by himself. One hit of those lasers and Spiderman shatters like glass.

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ya spidey?

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Wow. You are one creative person. Even I couldn't come up with a thread this random. No offense at all.

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Shiryu said:
"Wow. You are one creative person. Even I couldn't come up with a thread this random. No offense at all."

None taken. I have more creative battle ideas in the future.