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Suddenly marvel movies seem to be closer to their comic counter parts, it enough though to take down the DC washed down Supes?

New York Near Oscorp

Round 1

- Random encounter

- In character

- Win by Ko, incap,

Round two

- Basic knowledge ( newspaper clips of events they featured)

- 10 min prep

- win by ko, incap or death

- morals off

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Mismatch, the Kryptonians are still too much.

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Holy sht.

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@lucano: have you watched the movies? Strength wise they better but how would they even touch Peter who literally so the world as a stand still and Electro who matched his speed with more powerful blasts than MoS eyebeams, which hurt the Kryptonians. Not saying who wins but its more even than you give it

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but go ahead and expand on the feats.

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lol wut?

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I lol'd

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Peter might have better reflexes, but he would KO himself punching Superman. He doesn't any way to harm him or Faora, slightly.

Electro MIGHT, especially since he can phase apparently (i don't remember the feat so someone else will have to confirm) however there is also no telling how he's going to handle a heat vision blast. And he can't put down Superman any other way.,

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Faora solos, and the last thing Spiderman hears before ending up getting squashed is a good death is his reward.