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Spiderman 2099 and Batman Beyond are teaming up and going against their originals- the Amazing Spiderman and Batman. Everyone is at full power with morals off. The battle is in San Francisco.

Who wins?

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Batman 1 million solos all of em

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Batman 1 million solos all of em

A lot of characters can solo them. None of them are involved in this fight. Quit Wanking.

I'd put my money on the Originals.

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Good one if Terry has Bruce he beats classic bats and I think Peter beats Miguel.

So that leaves it to Terry Vs Peter and I think Peter takes it with his post big time gear. So team two wins.

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You seem to all forget that Bruce has a button that shuts down the Batman Beyond suit.

Does Miguel even have a Spider-Sense? I ask because I'm not sure.

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Spiderman and Batman ftw.

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Original Spidey and Bats ftw.

They operated under far severe conditions and took bullets from both the bad guys and the police who wanted to reel the vigilantes in

Future may be hostile but present is a whole another ring of hell for the originals.

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The OG's duh. More experience. Cooler underpressure.

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Team 2 ftw