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Okay, so I realise this sounds rediculous. It did to me, too, at first. It almost seems impossible for Spider-Man to overcome Iron Man's armor and weapons, but I came up with a way that he might just be able to do it.

Imagine this: Spider-Man is confronting Iron Man for some reason, and is very angry (And wont hold back). Iron Man scoffs, believing it impossible for Spider-Man to beat him in any kind of fight (Think Civil War). Spider-Man lashes out, Leaping for Iron Man with his fists balled furiously. Iron Man easily evades the attack and blasts a repulsor ray out at his foe. Spider-Man uses his Spider-Sense to dodge the beam, and webs up Iron Man's palm, overheating the repulsor before he can fire another beam. Iron Man activates his suit's flight ability to gain some distance while he prepares to continue his attack, but Spider-Man furiously webs up on to Shellhead's back, where he uses his amazing strength to begin to dissassemble Iron Man's armor. Spider-Man continues to beat down the now-vulnerable Tony Stark.


Keep in mind just how strong Spider-Man is (Think Scorpion's jaw) and just how effective his spider-sense is.

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Iron Man

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Iron man in a ruthless murder

@DarthSpiderChief117: or he could just wear his stealth suit or iron spider armour when Stark is just in his regular armour...that would just seem easier

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@DarthSpiderChief117: 'Fraid not. Iron Man's current armor took a sucker punch from the Hulk and was fine. He took several more shots and his armor still didn't appear to be damaged.

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Spider-Man would need some serious PIS writing to win against Ironman

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I don't know... It still seems possible to me. Maybe not likely, but possible. After all, Spider-Man has always been full of suprises when it comes to things like this.

I realize that Spidey has no prayer of denting or damaging the actual plating of the armor, but isn't it possible that he might be able to take it off of him? I mean, Tony can only think ahead for so much, and Peter has suprised him before.

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@dondave said: