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CJ gets 1 day prep

Spider-Man knows nothing of him

Only flying vehicle allowed is jetpack

Battle takes place on Grove Street fool.


The Hulk (616) is destroying most of San Andreas and CJ is tasked with stopping him!

CJ has everything he has in the game to take out Hulk, can he do it?

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Spite matches aren't tolerated here...

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CJ stomps with ease

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@Evil Incarnate: Give me a break, its not spite. Well mabey the bonus round is lol

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Realistically, how is CJ going to beat Spider-Man?

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In before lock

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Spider-Man has beaten thugs with weapons just like CJ and beaten them easily. What makes you think CJ will do any better, even with one day prep, when mad scientists with a week and more prep couldn't beat Spidey?

Spiderman and Hulk stomp....

Unless CJ uses cheat codes!!!

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Is this still one of Majestic's crazy meltdown threads?

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cheat codes are allowed but no invincibility

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CJ curbstomps the nerd, Grove Street style.

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@Strider92 said:


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pffft CJ inputs some cheat codes becomes unkillable and kills parker.

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