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Spider-man steamrolls him.

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I don't get why people make cases all the time for people like Captain America to defeat Spiderman, why can't batman do it? Spider-Man has had problems with peak human martial artists before (Daredevil, Captain America) and there are few better than Batman when it comes to martial arts. He's given Deathstroke some pretty good fights (Despite Deathstroke's physical advantages, he's mentioned that they're equally matched), and many other metahumans before that. I'm not saying that Batman wins this, I'm just saying that batman isn't a chump.

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How'd this get to 6 pages? Spidey stomps Bats, superior physicals, and intellect.

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Batman beat Spiderman he walk up to him and say hi Peter Parker how your Aunt May doing it been a while since i plowed her he like how u know batman be like Batmobile in back and say batarang at i want a idoit to say His spidy Sense protect him you do reliaze he has a choice right and as him being human and a teenage kid he barely listens to it and also it doesnt say where it coming from it does say batarang from left and or he kicking u from the top or bottom it doesnt tell him that.see tech can make him ignore it to so stop with that spidy sense and "high strength" he cant stop a high speed train

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They are both very good combatants. However, Spider Man will win. People don't know it, but Spider Man is a formidable hand to hand combat. He can be very serious. He recieved training from Captain America, one of the best combatants. His combat, "The Way of the Spider" has stalemated Julia Carpenter, and easily defeated Kaine, without his spider sense. It is further amplified when his spider sense comes back. He has defeated Deadpool, Wolverine, Daken, Fire Lord, Iron Man 2020, Spider Woman and has even tricked Thor into subduing himself. People don't know it, but he has defeated people who have greater martial arts skills than him, or have more power than him. He tricked Thor without using any power ups, unlike Batman who uses kryptonite or suits of armor. Iron Fist once stated with respect that Spider Man is untouchable because of his spider sense, and that's what makes him a good fighter. (above is an example when spider man is not serious, then he becomes serious. )

Here are some examples for his feats.

Now for Batman here, i'll admit, he is the top best martial arts fighter in the world, however, and is the smartest mortal in the DC universe. however, Spider Man will still win because of his equipment and reputation. Spider Man has teamed up with so many heroes, like Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Deadpool, Wolverine, etc. He has teamed up with the HULK. He is in the New Avengers Team, the Avengers Team, and the Future Foundation team. 3 TEAMS. Batman has only been in one team. Spider Man has more knowledge of fighting solo and in team groups because he knows some of each team members fighting styles. Also, no offense Batman, but Spider Man is more of a player than you are. He has more girl friends than any superhero. He can dodge automatic fire and point blank shots. People don't know, but Spider Man has prep. He has so many armors, like Iron Spider, the Sinister Six Armor, Steel Armor, and so much more. His stealth armor makes him go stealthy, like Batman. The iron Spider, Sinister Six armor, and Steel Armor can take damage. Batman doesn't kill, so his gases doesn't affect Spider Man. Also, how can Batman find out Spider Man's spider Sense? Green Goblin used a gas that deadens spiderman's spider sense, and still spider man beats him without using the spider sense. He still has reflexes. Spider Sense counters suprise and stealth. Spider Man is more faster and stronger too. his slow, analytically strategy can be triumphed when spider man's bold strategic speed can out last batman. Also Spider Man has more stamina than Batman. Spider Man's web has restrained the hulk, and how can u melt that thick web? It takes time, and Spider Man will knock him out. Keep in mind that if Batman has a gas grenade, Spider Man will jump out of the way, throw the gas grenade back at Batman. It's hard to discover Spider Man's weakness. Also, Spider Man has defeated the HULK with a power up, and he didn't even got a scratch. Batman may have defeated Super Man, but it sure took him a lot of effort.

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Peter stomps

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Batman swallows some teeth.

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This should be locked.

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