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This is a battle of characters, not shows

Spider-Man from the 90s animated series (TAS=The Animated Series) vs Spider-Man from the Spectacular Spider-Man.

  • Morals on
  • Standard gear
  • No knowledge besides alternate universe version of themself
  • Fight to KO/incap
  • End series versions of both
  • Fight in the offices of the Daily Bugle



Each is equipped with their respective Black Suit and are totally bloodlusted.

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Not really fair considering Fox Kids wouldn't let Spider-Man throw a punch.

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Spectacular Spider-man for round 1. If I recall correctly, he was crazy durable taking about a dozen pumpkin bombs head on and still fighting.

He was also extremely fast, capable of swinging through a barrage of pumpkin bombs fired by numerous turrets without getting hit once.

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Spectacular both rounds, his superior (pun intended) animation allowed him to actually be agile and fast while fighting.

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@shawnbaby: This. Almost all his fights consisted on drop kicking opponents, dodging hits, then webbing them up somehow.