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Spiderman has the combined symbiotes of Venom, Carnage, Riot, Phage, Lasher, and Toxin. Iron Man CANNOT use sonics. The fight takes place in New York City with light rain and mist covering the battleground. The fight is to the death, who takes it?

I'd say Spidey since he is very fast and has the cover of buildings, mist, and rain to hide behind. Let's not forget the symbiote lets him turn invisible. Also the symbiote has been shown to give the user a formiddable healing factor. He can dodge a lot of what Iron Man throws at him, and, unless I'm mistaken, doesn't the symbiote make him faster? Anyway the combined symbiotes of those 6 would put him well over 100 class strength. I want to see reasons behind your thinking. Let's get it on.

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Spider Man has SIX symbiotes bonded to him, plus spider powers Vs Hulkbuster armour. My vote is Spider-Man