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Spidey, his clone, and his enemy/sometimes ally VS The Caped Crusader, his first sidekick, and the one time stand-in Batman Jean-Paul Valley. Webs VS Wings

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Spidey and crew.

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I agree with that, the webslingers would win

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Webs over wings

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You're so wrong the bat and knightwing wouldn't need azrael to kick spidey and co's butt

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Why would you say that Spideys crew are all stronger more durabile and faster.If Batman had prep they might be able to pull off some wins but Spideys crew stil takes majority.

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spidys crew for the wina

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Batman's team will win not win i mean i think they will take out venom with the ultra sound device or something but honest spidey could kill a human with a punch if he wanted to

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Think Azrael is the underestimated factor, He took out Bane almost effortlessly, Bruce fought Venom (though we only saw them sqaure off in one frame and the battle was never shown but Bruce lived and was unhurt, which is more then you can say about his battle with Bane, and Jean-Paul Valley beat the living snot out of Bane who broke Bruce's back)