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Spider-Man & Black Panther


Kaine & Wolverine


  • Spider-man is Peter
  • Black panther is pre doom war
  • Morals are on
  • Random encounter
  • Win by KO/Death/Incapacitation
  • Standard gear


  • Begin visible
  • Start 20 feet apart
  • Fight takes place here:

Who wins and why?

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I'd favor team 1. I think Panther and Peter are too smart to NOT web up Logan from the get go for most of the battles and Parker has used his webbing more often in battle than Kaine and I do think Parker before Ock took over would be able to handle Kaine by himself as well. So T'Challa could play interference for at least either or since I do see one person getting webbed up early on the fight and both double teaming the other.

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@jashro44: First things first, do you know who penciled the first picture? Art is really good.

Second off I'll go with Team One. BP's Anti-Metal claws is an effective counter to the Adamantuim, and his Vibranium should hold up until Logan cuts across the grain. Also while I'd put Wolverine's best skill feats ahead of BP's, I think its fair to say that BP fights usually fights at a higher level of skill, due to Wolverine's natural damage soak. In any case, I'd say it could go either way.

As for Peter vs Kaine, Kaine's real advantage is his stingers and healing. Kaine is physically superior to Spider-Man, but I don't think its by much based on both their fights with Flash. His healing is better, but that's countered with the fact that he likes to tank damage. Peter himself has the Acidic webbing to counter Kaine's touch, and while Organic webbing is an improvement on the standard webbing, Peter still packs alot of it, And then there is the Cyro pellets. Combine this with Peter's previous knowledge of the Other abilities (he has had them longer than Kaine too) and Martial arts training, and I'd say he has enough to put Kaine down. Then he will come to BP's aid.

Switch it round and Spider-Man should beat Wolverine via Incap, either via webbing or Incap with cryo pellets, and the Vibranuim suit combined with BP's skill should allow him to tank alot of Kaine best blows. Kaine's habit of tanking damage would land him in trouble (especially since he doesn't have a SS to warn of the anti-metal blades). Again, I'd say Peter probably comes to aid Black Panther again.

However, if Ascended Scarlet Spider is being used, there is a good argument to say he could likely Solo.

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Artist was Simone Bianchi. Cover of Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #516.

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Team 1

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Team 1,I think.

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Another wicked battle Jash!

In terms of the battle, I would agree on the fact that Team One could have the better chance of winning this fight, but an equal argument can made for either team really. Personally, I'd take Logan in a extended fight over T'Challa almost any day of the week. Most of the time, I'd say T'Challa would hold the advantage in sheer skill as Logan is rarely utilizing his "superior" skill in favour of his raw physical advantages. Most of what BP would throw at Logan would slow him down, but it wouldn't be enough to put down Logan permanently and it'll only be a matter of time until Logan starts to continually push the pressure and BP makes a mistake that would cost him the battle.

As for Peter vs Kaine, it can truly go either way. Personally, I barely see a physical difference between the two, if there's really one at all. Kaine might seem more physically powerful based on the notion that he never holds back and is far more aggressive while we've seen that Peter holds back a LARGE majority of his strength. Kaine does have a few tricks up his sleeve due to the camo ability the suit has, organic webbing, and his stingers. Although, Kaine isn't exactly as adept or accustomed to using his webbing to the degree Peter does and utilizing his stingers while having somewhat of a morality is unexpected.

I would say Peter could outsmart Kaine and grant himself a victory but Logan would defeat BP which could possibly lead into another Peter vs Logan debate.

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@jashro44: Does Black Panther have his anti-metal claws?

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@dondave: Yes. He has his energy daggers, vibranium suit, anti-metal claws.

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team wolverine. black panther would need to prep in order to beat wolverine.

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Going to bump this and place my vote for team 1 as well due to Parker's experience against Wolverine drawn against Kaine having limited knowledge as to just who Black Panther is.

Logan probably gets incapped at the get go making this two on one. That, and modern day Panther would probably score a majority win against Wolverine regardless (even with the healing factor but only if BP has the vibranium suit) in a heck of a fight.