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ok. So in the spider corner is : symbiote black costume spidey, Spider-man 2099, Iron Spider armor Spider-man, Scarlet Spider(Kaine,current), Venom (Flash), Spidercide, and Black Tarantula (version from Shawland, who has joined Spidey's side) VS. .......... the Marauders (harpoon, blockbuster, sabertooth, vertigo, scalphunter, arclight, scrambler, riptide, prism, gambit, and Mr. Sinister himself power levels at time of Marauder's creation, not current levels...Sinister only participates if he feels he needs to, more of an onserver)....Sinister recruits hobgoblin, mysterio, shocker, kraven, and hydro-man to assist Marauders. Scenario : Spider "team" is working together, no animosity, bloodlusted. Marauders are obviously out for blood. No prep. battle takes place in the Morlock tunnels, starting 1 mile apart, Marauders are hunting the spider team. Spider team is not working solo, team effort to survive. No back-ups for anyone,standard equipment for all players involved. Fight is to the death. Do the Marauders take out the Spiders or the other way around???

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Spider team stomps ...

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If this is too much of a lop-sided battle, I will edit the OP. I figured it may be interesting.

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edited OP a bit. added gambit and Sinister(sorta). Nobody??? though this would make a good match....

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@Harddrivexxii said:

Spider team stomps ...

It still be this^ Sinister isn't that influential in this fight
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edited OP, AGAIN (lol). Added some Spidey rouges to marauder team. Any better?

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Bump!!!!! c'mon people....