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Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus


  • Morals are on (all though Ock and Peter are willing to work together)
  • Otto is Dock ock and Peter is spider-man
  • all rounds are random encounters
  • standard gear unless stated otherwise
  • Both Otto and spider-man get 5 hours rest between each round
  • This is Ock before he was dying and he has adamantium arms


  • Peter and the doctor begin at the red dot enemies start at the blue dot
  • Begin visible
  • fights take place here:

The gauntlet

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Can they clear?

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This is a really nice thread. I would say theta they would stop at round 4 or 5. Eventually, these people are going to get too fast for Doc Ock, and he wont be able to exchange blows with any of them.

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Stops at 5 imo. Otto will prove to be a weak link eventually.

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Only round 6 poses a threat, if you ask me. They should clear.

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4 will prove problematic, if they make it to 5 I don't see them getting any further. Sabes can take Otto, leaving the other two to gang up on Peter.

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@CalebHara said:

This is a really nice thread. I would say theta they would stop at round 4 or 5.

Agreed. They stop at either 4 or 5.

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stop at 2 how would they beat Deathstroke&Batman?

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@Sylvain said:

stop at 2 how would they beat Deathstroke&Batman?

Spider-Man could solo 2. He is way stronger and faster than either and his webbing can stop or slow them down.

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They would stop at Round 4 or 5.

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If they pass round 2 they can clear it unless Flash goes berserk in the last round.

They lose in round 2 if Bats or DS bring their A game.

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Round four Danny would have to solo. Regular Otto was a very effective combatant; pre-death Otto with eight tentacles was much moreso. He's far faster than Luke Cage, having sufficient combat speed to match Spider-Man due to the partial autonomous actions of his tentacles, and with Adamantium appendages Cage isn't breaking free. Classic four-tentacled Ock had Hulk at his mercy, and this is a much more effective version. Spider-Man also has speed to blitz Cage, and due to Cage's demonstrated vulnerability to nerve strikes, he also takes him out quite easily via those or his cryo pellets. Shang Chi realistically just isn't good enough overall to hang with either combatant for long, despite the fact he's a cool character.

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While I agree, it's worth noting that Hulk was "having a bad day" when he lost to Ock. I only feel the need to point it out because the writers did.

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They will stop at 5 if they clear but i doubt.

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As for round five, Sabretooth has consistently lost credibility as a threat--losing easily to Logan in their last several encounters--and with eight adamantium tentacles Otto should beat him to a pulp. Otto is being severely undervalued here, being arguably the better combatant in this situation due to his adamantium enhancements and considerably lesser morality.

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Round 3, Panther would cause a struggle.