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Old Bouncy Robbie


New Chewy Robbie

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I don't really know either character well but I'd say Penance

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Penence is much more fun his powers actally do something he doesnt bounce anymore

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Speedball was enveloped in a otherdimensional kinetic pocket of energy. He was protected from physical harm and ricocheted everywhere from high velocity contact.

Penance stabs himself up to generate high impact kinetic discharges.

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i really like the concept and look of penance even though i haven't really read anything he's in

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I like Speedball. He could bounce for protection/transportation he learned power stunts with his abilities that were leading to what Penance can do, prolly not as fine tuned though, and he was unique.

Penance is kinda like another gritty, brooding TK user. But I give him more credit than that, thnx to Warren Ellis.