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if you read all his powers and abilities the hulk will not be able to stand a chance....

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Do it again :D 

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Difficult choise... i have a feeling...i don't know why...that spectre may has a chance...=]
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Oh now i get it ... You just whanted to make fun of Hulk and his fans ? Good thing i got in this topic to ...
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lol, this is beyond a mismatch...Spectre thinks and Hulk dies lol

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Well isn't Spectre a ghost so if Hulk can't hit him then what chance does he stand?

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@Xan said:
" Oh now i get it ... You just whanted to make fun of Hulk and his fans ? Good thing i got in this topic to ... "
Oh good! I got worried for a minute.
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The Spectre wins easy
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IDK, Hulk did a pretty good job on FFF......NAHHH :^ P 
Easy win for the Spectre here.
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double spite

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Spectre looks at Hulk and Hulk dies. Or Hulk looks at Spectre and dies.

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spectre turns hulk into cheese... spectre then eats cheese...

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spectre only punishes the giulty right? so yes hulk has killed but then again he is protecting himself and sometimes the world. and protecting yourself when the reason your being attacked is you look mean is hardly a crime right? and if the spectre does kill hulk couldn't banner then bond with the spectre and give him the hulk again

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@glfan2814: y would you post this, spectre has the ability to smash hulk with ease.

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give hulk pre retcon byonder's powers

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Why bring this hurtful thread back

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This is a massive spite.

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Spite or mismatch based on ignorance, either way needs locked.

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why do n00bs always revive stupid threads? (no offense to n00bs)