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Who wins and why.

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Well i dont know a whole lot about species, an alian if a huge challenge to a predator with out his gun, but with that predator rapes the alian, ill research species for abit and get back to you with them.

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Predators...just cause of their weaponry and intelligence...of course the species are on par with intelligence but I wouldn't consider them great fighters...so the winner is...Predators!

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Aliens overwhelm with numbers. While they may not be the match of the zerg or the Tyrannids in this respect they can swarm all their foes to death.

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Predator, he would cloak take out Eve, since she mainly kills by looking like an attactive woman (like a mantis) and Predator doesnt exactly go for humans, nor do aliens, so she dies first, the Predator is smarter and more armed then the alien so I give it to him in the end. (I've thought about this fight before)

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All Aliens together would rape.

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King Boo said:
"All Aliens together would rape."
Predators would gangbang nuff said .