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Superhuman strength and durability

Ability to project regular and ethereal flame

Ability to travel between interdimensional realms and along any surface

Enchanted Hellfire Chain


Flaming motorcycle

Hellfire Shotgun

"Penance Stare"



healing factor

Immortality, virtually indestructible armor, master of conflict and strategy, provoke battle and slaughter with his presence

As the god of war, Ares draws and nourishes his powers from malevolent psychic energy.

  • Godly strength
  • Superhuman speed and stamina
  • Complete command over any weapon
  • Necromancy
  • Energy projection
  • Weather manipulation
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Prep: 1 Century

All Powers : Buffed And Avalible

No Holding Back

No Limits Full Fight

Until Any Imortal Gives Up or some how dies

Blood Lusted

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There is only one explanation:

Cupid swoops in and shoots Ares in the butt, making him fall in love with Ghost Rider. Cupid then makes Ghost Rider fall in love with Spawn... then Spawn gets shot and falls for Ares. The three immortals are now trapped in a never-ending eternal love triangle of war..... <3


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I keep thinking Ares but Spawn has just done better feats to me .

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This is the first Vine battle I've seen in three years where Ghost Rider is a non factor. It's weird.

Leaning towards Ares here. I'm only halfway through Spawn's series but I don't think he could take some of the blasts that Ares is capable of.

I'm open to debate here.

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I feel like Ares is the one to beat here.

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Spawn's not immortal..take his head off with a weapon from Heaven and he dies,and since GR got declared as a weapon of heaven in his series..a decapitation from his chain could kill Spawn. That part I'm sure of but I'm not familiar with these Ares so I can't comment about how he'd fare against the other 2

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Since you didn't limit to Blaze, Zarathos will show up and win this fight :)

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What age Spawn is it?

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