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One day Spartacus and his soldiers are sent to the City of Argos. Then, Hades shows up and saids,

" In 10 days he will release the Kraken to eat Andromeda. "

After Hades disappears, Spartacus agrees to take on the mission to save Andromeda.


- Spartacus and his army have 10 days to reach to the Underworld, kill Medusa and take her head back to Argos and kill the Kraken.


1. Spartacus is allowed aid from IO

2. Spartacus is the only one worthy to have the God Sword and ride the Pegasus.

The Journey:

On the trip Spartacus and his soldiers will face similar foes and neighbors Perseus encountered with.

1. Calibos:

2. Giant Scorpions:

NOTE: IF Spartacus and his men kill 3 Giant Scorpions, the Djinns will come to help them with the long distance

3. The Sisters of Fate (So they know how to kill the Kraken)

4. Zeus gives Spartacus a token to go to the Underworld.

5. Medusa, to get her head.

6. Ride on the Pegasus back to Argos and kill the Kraken!!!!


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This is Spartacus from the show that starred on HBO / Starz.

- Season: Spartacus: War of the Damned.

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I think he could, I mean, if he has all the same resources as Perseus, he could.

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Er...yeah, I mean they aren't actually different, are they?

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Well the debatable thing about this thread is these guys don't have the same mindset as Perseus does. These guys like to fight over whores, leadership, and killing. Plus, these guys are in another Universe which never faced any monsters and super humans (Calibos) before. Just Romans, thieves, and people around normal athletic lvls.

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@mirrorwave4: Well, that being said, I highly doubt he will go far. I mean, the only reason why Perseus was able to do what he did was because he knew how to use what he was given. He wasn't really shocked by things like the Gods or the monsters, because he believed in them and knew they existed. I mean, Spartacus would buckle at the very beginning when someone explains what a "Kraken" is. "Oh, it's a sea creature that's like 1,000,000ft. tall and is the most powerful force on Earth......FUCK THAT! Get that fisherman over there? Who, me? *Sometime Goes By* Wait, that fisherman killed the Kraken? Well, I'm going for the one they call Zeus. *Sometime Goes By* Hey, did you hear Perseus about that guy who offered you the battle against the Kraken? The idiot tried to fight God, hahahaha. What a Roman, haha, What's a Roman?"

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Perseus is a Demi-God. Spartacus is a regular Human.

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Perseus is a Demi-God. Spartacus is a regular Human.

If the perform the way they did on their show they're pretty superhumanly strong. I remember Crixus spearing a guy on the end and then lifting him into the air at the end of the spear. That's like lifting a 200 lb metal ball on the end of a stick with one arm.

Not saying they stand a chance though.

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Well, I just did some research, and in the first season of Spartacus, Spartacus and Crixus had to fight someone who proved to be superhuman by throwing Crixus across the arena with 1 arm, and took multiple sword slashe to the stomach and has no affect on him. The only way they killed him was by cuting his head off which took 3 blows if I remember. And after the fight the rain came, and Spartacus became famous for it.

Plus Perseus hasn't shown any super human feats that shocks me to believe Spartacus has no chance here.