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Captain Titus (Space Marine Game) : Chain Sword, Plasma Pistol, Jump Pack, Iron Halo, Power Armour

Brother Raclaw (Damnation Crusade) : Chain Sword, Bolter, Power Armour

Inquisitor Delius (Exterminatus) : Daemon Hammer, Melta Bombs, Dual Bolt Pistols, Carapace Armour

Captain Gabriel Angelos (DoW Game) : God Splitter (Daemon Hammer), Bolt Pistol, Iron Halo, Power Armour

Sgt. Learchus (Defenders of Ultramar) : Power Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Power Armour


Bat Family (as Pictured)

Arrow Family (as Pictured)

Spidermen (Peter and Ben)

Cap and Bucky

All Comic Heros have Standard Gear.

Morals Off

To the Death

Battle in a city

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@Strider92: @Jonny_Anonymous: @Sethlol: @Chaos Prime: @Vrakmul: @Agent_California: What you guys think?

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I feel like this is a stomp. You gave the marines Power armor. I don't think any of the street levelers have anything that can get through that.

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Space Marines have this.

Their only real threat is Peter and Ben due to webbing and high end street level strength. No-one else here is going to do anything to phase them. If the Marvel/DC teams play it smart they stand a small chance of winning but I would still say the Space Marines take a solid majority. the Inquisitor really swings it in their favor.

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Whole bats Family get's shot to pieces before they can even become a factor, cap and bucky won't make it into melee Range because of the bolts exploding. Arrow family will fire some arrows that propably won't even da any damage and then die like the rest. The spideys close the gap to the space marines unharmed due to their spider sense and high agility but i doubt the web could hold the strength of the power armor so they will be outnumbered and get tagged sooner or later and then it's over. Marines kill the heretics in the name of the emperor.

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You don't believe in The Emperor God? heresy!


Everybody dies because of how overpowered The Marines are.

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Space marines 10/10