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The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk's team:

Kidou(Area D - Inou Ryouki)

Six( Generator Rex)

Nanafushi (No adamantium/vibranium absorbtion)

Owls Eye(Area D - Inou Ryouki)

@joewell team:

Percy Jackson ( 5th book ): Riptide, Tyson's Shield, Hermes's Sandals, Ambrosia

Aang: Staff (No Avatar state)

Red X: Suit

Me Mow (Adventure Time): Poison, Knife

Round 1: Treasure Island

Starting distance 2.5 miles

Time Limit: N/A

Objectives: Each team is given a key card that one member must keep on their person at all times. The card contains half the code to an impenetrable/indestructible safe located in the middle of an aircraft hangar. In order to advance to the next round all members of the opposing team must be eliminated and their key card retrieved. Once both objectives are complete and the safe is opened Your team will find a Mother Box that will boomtube them to their next location and a reward for their efforts.

Rules: Winner by K.O., Death or Incap.

For anyone that has managed to sneak a character in who has feats above level, those feats will not be applicable.

All character's are in character, with standard gear and have basic knowledge unless they have prior knowledge.

Team 1 is Blue, Team 2 is Red, Aircraft Hangar is yellow.

The first team to finish their debate and tag me get's first pick of the rewards for round 2.

You may select 1 Team Perk and 2 Individual Perks (for two different characters.)

Team Perks

Prep Time: Gives your team three hours to make a plan and explore the battlefield beforehand, the battlefield cannot be altered and no additional gear or knowledge can be gained.

Full Knowledge: You're granted full knowledge of your opponents gear, powers, weaknesses etc.

Telepathic Team Link: Your team is linked together telepathically.

Bloodlusted: Your team will kill without hesitation or remorse, their mental states and emotional states remain in character.

The Goodie Bag: Grants each of your team members: A personal wrist mounted radar unit, wireless communicator earwig, gas masks, grenades,(1 flash bang, 1 smoke, 1 teargas) and high tech goggles (10x zoom HD optics, X-ray, Night vision)

Why can’t we be friends? : Your team all cooperates and will work together as if all existing personality clashes/enmity and bad blood didn’t exist.

Give me some Backup! : Grants your team complete control of an 4 man squad of S.H.I.E.L.D Agents outfitted in Civil War style Cape-Killer armor (includes gas masks, hover discs, com units, tranquilizer darts and paralyzer lasers)

Individual Perks

Power Amp: Raises one of your character's strength by 5 tons

Defense Amp: Adds a full body coating of vibranium mesh weave armor to your character’s costume/outfit.

Speed Amp: Raises your characters reflexes by Batman levels.

Gear up: One member of your team can add a piece of non-standard gear to their arsenal that they have used previously provided the equipment doesn't put them over the tournament levels

Blades and bullets: You may turn your character’s bullets/thrown weapons/arrows into adamantium. Or your character’s hand held weapon can be transformed into an Adamantium version of itself.

Ninja: Completely silence’s your character’s movement, heart beat and breathing (any other noise they make can be heard normally)

Bag O' Grenades: Grants your character 2 electric shock, 2 E.M.P, 2 White Phosphorus , 2 Frag Grenades

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Just putting this out for what perks I'm taking:

The "Full Knowledge" team perk.

-Six will get the admantium dual blades.

- Kidou will get Vibranium suit

Good Luck Joewell, and have fun ^.^

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@mr_ingenuity Thnx


Now as for my plan, I plan on having my characters near the middle out in the open. This way Kidou and Owls Eye have a clear view and can handle your team. Kidou will use his precog to alert Owls Eye and Six to where your team will appear before you do, To hit your team Owls Eye simply needs them in his field of vision. Once they're in it he can decapitate them(With the exception of Percy -curse you River Styx-). While they handle Me Mow, Aang and Red X, Six and Nanafushi take on Percy. Since I used full knowledge Six and Nanafushi both know Percy's weak-point and will focus on it. Six is armed with dual adamantium blades, so cutting through your gear shouldn't be a problem if he tries to defend. Nanafushi will blend in with his surroundings to catch him off guard and leave more openings for Six. If that isn't enough, when Kidou and Owls Eye are done with your other members, they can go and gang up on Percy(though I don't think it should be needed).

Owls Eye powers:(Can hit anything in his field of vision)

Kidou:(Shockwaves/can see 5 seconds into the future)

Nanafushi:(Being perfectly hidden while having the durability of what he 'absorbed'

Loading Video...

A Six Tribute(AMV)

0:50(him jumping from rock to rock in midair while cutting them so they don't hit people. Good show of agility and aim.) 2:11(he deflecting and redirecting bullets being fired at him from an automatic gun) Sorry, don't really have a good way of getting his feats atm.

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