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Round 1: Treasure Island

Starting distance 2.5 miles

Time Limit: N/A

Objectives: Each team is given a key card that one member must keep on their person at all times. The card contains half the code to an impenetrable/indestructible safe located in the middle of an aircraft hangar. In order to advance to the next round all members of the opposing team must be eliminated and their key card retrieved. Once both objectives are complete and the safe is opened Your team will find a Mother Box that will boomtube them to their next location and a reward for their efforts.

Rules: Winner by K.O., Death or Incap.

All character's are in character, with standard gear and have basic knowledge unless they have prior knowledge.

Sideslash's team is Blue, jwalser3's team is Red, Aircraft Hangar is yellow.

My team:

New 52 Batman, Taskmaster, Alligator Nichol, and Huya Requiem.

Team perk: Telepathic team link - your team is linked together telepathically.

Individual perks:

Power Amp - Raises one of your character's strength levels by 5 tons. (Alligator Nichol)

Defense Amp - Adds a full body coating of vibranium mesh weave armour to your character's costume//outfit (Huya Requiem)

@jwalser3 This okay, bud? I'mma work on an opening argument.

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@sideslash: I just also noticed you have new 52 Bats, he's been taken already but you can have post crisis bats if you'd like.

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Alrighty My team has DeadShot(Pre 52), Judge Dredd, DeathStroke(New 52), Predator(Elder)

My perks

Team: Full Knowledge

Individual: Defense Amp(Predator) and Bag o' grenades(DeathStroke 52)

This setting is perfect for DeadShot and Predator, both are amazing shots.

Taking out a tower at "Rocket Launcher territory" but it doesn't matter to much because of the targeting computer in their helmets.
"Best and deadliest marksman"

So if the two of them were to get on the roof tops and snipe away...your team is going to have a problem. The Predators shoulder cannon is able to fire off multiple rounds in seconds and can kill 2 birds with one stone.

Vaps 2 people with one shot

And don't think it's a slow weapon.

Firing off multiple rounds

So with Predator and DeadShot covering the building DeathStroke and Dredd will go after team. I know that the shoulder cannon could one shot TaskMaster and Batman I don't know anything about the other 2, I'd like to see some durability feats for them.

Plus with DeathStroke's grenades and Dredd's HI-EX rounds they can flush out the remaining members of your teams.

Also, a fully charged shoulder cannon has been shown to take out small space crafts.

And the Predator(with cloaking) will be able to cover the battlefield easily and pick off the members of your team.

He could easily jump from roof to roof.

Also, DeadShot has been able to tag speedsters as well.

So the roofs are covered, hehe. So that leaves DeathStroke and Dredd to pick off the rest. Which, IMO will be rather easy. Dredd's Lawgiver will also be an effective weapon in this fight.

Special Rounds

Of course it has basic rounds but it has some pretty cool "Heat Seakers"

And riochot rounds that can go around corners, in case they're hiding

His eyes and speed are also enhanced

He'll be able to see farther and find the enemy
Faster then a machine at drawing

As for DeathStroke.......come on, it's DeathStroke. His skill and weapons should be enough to give TaskMaster a challenge. Plus with the extra grenades, stun, and smoke grenades it gives a tactical advantage. He has shown some impressive feats when it comes to accuracy and durability.

Faster than Hawkman

With his reflexes, accuarcy, and durability he is a factor in this fight. Plus take count on the soldiers and Metas he slaughtered in #1-8

So this is a tough battle. But with 2 people covering the roofs with amazing marksmanship, two flushing out the rest with amazing skill and tech. This battle isn't going in your favor.

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@sovereign91001: Cool.

@jwalser3: First, I think New 52 Deathstroke is a little overkill. The dude no sold a submarine to the dome.

Second, this Taskmaster has the 'double speed' power. And with his image inducer, I think he can get close enough to one of your characters, maybe Deadshot or Dredd whilst posing as another member of your team, and take them out with a blitz. Factor in Spider-Man's agility, and Tony's gonna be a btch to hit.

Batman, also, is a confirmed bullet dodger.

Nichol can also block bullets, and has done, on three separate occasions.

In chapters 2-3, Nichol is in a fight with a rogue cop, and after getting shocked with an electrical baton claimed that was meant to be an alternative to the electric chair, he manages to pull his huge sword all the way across his body to block a bullet.

On the next page, the cop says "After the shock he just received, how can he even move anymore?"

^Defends Huya Requiem from automatic gunfire. The same gunfire just knocked Huya's sword out of his hands.^

And he has a debatable bullet dodge. (It looks to me like he dodged it).

^If you look, as he throws the Alligator, you can see the cop's muzzle flare as he fires. On the first panel of the next page, I think he's dodging the bullet.^

Actually, that's another point. Nichol isn't just limited to melee combat, since he can throw the Alligator, as he has done on two separate occasions, the one I've shown being one of them. Admittedly, the second time it was dodged, but by a character who sort of stumbled out of any danger, but was also really pathetic in combat.

In addition, if Nichol does get into a hand to hand fight with any of your characters, there's always the hand to hand skills he learned from Inoue.

What will your characters do if they're upside down in the air?

In addition, Nichol is one of only two people to have ever blocked Darkness Isaac's sword, the other being Nichol's mother, the "deadliest Jackal ever", Shinigami Roxy.

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@sideslash: Where is the perk listed for double speed? I see a strength perk and defense one?

But with full knowledge my team will know about the image inducer and will be on their toes more. And I'm sure Dredd's visor has a scanner to pick up that kinda stuff(I'll see if I can find something) same goes for the Predators visor.

As for Batman, DeadShot pulls his shots and could easily hit him.

"I put two in your chest yesterday"

DeadShot has already tagged him before. He just holds back, ya know?

The other members of the team seem pretty impressive. But Predators can move faster then the eye can follow and side step bullets.

The spear was snatched from his back by a shadowy, indistinct figure and the second man let loose with his AK-100, spraying bullets at the barely glimpsed spear-wielding killer.The thing moved so fast it almost seemed to be dodging the bullets as it turned and ran back down the canyon. The Russian charged after it, bellowing.

. . .

The creature holding the spead seemed to side-step the bullets easily.Then it jabbed the spear forward, and Gunin no longer worried about spikes or bullets, or anything else as the thing cut his heart out with a single quick gesture.After that, the alien disappeared, blurring into invisibility

. . .

"Those things are fast enough to dodge bullets, if they see them coming," Schaefer explained, "and even if you hit them, they're damn near bulletproof.”

- Cold War

And there strength and fighting skill could handle the members of your team.



What is some one tries to block the bullets?

They'll be in for a surprise.

Also I don't know if Huya or Nichoal have been shot at by people of DeadShot's skill.

As for Batman, DeadShot could have easily killed him But didn't

All in all my team takes this without much difficulties.

  • DeadShot: Covers the roof tops. Seeing how he can tag Speedsters and is an amazing shot he should do fine.
  • Predator: With clocking and the stats the species has, he will be able to move across the field easily undetected and eliminate the opposing force. Plus with the defiance amp he can tank a lot more but they can normally tank(bullets, grenades, lightning, stabs, etc.)
  • DeathStroke: With the amount of skill he has, he could handle Huya or Nichoal. Plus his healing factor, armor, swords, pistols, grenades. He is pretty much stacked.
  • Judge Dredd: With his brute force, h2h skill, and tech, he can easily handle any opponent on your team. He has faced mutants, martial art experts, werewolves. So he has some experience under is belt.

I'd like to see some more scans of Huya and Nichoal. Just to see a little more of what they can do. If you need 'll post more scans of everyone later tonight, if needed.

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@jwalser3: It's among Tasky's abilities.

Although he can only do it for a short time, he managed to completely destroy a bullet timer after losing a lot of blood. And directly after this, he catches a bullet that was fired from behind him.

Also, Dredd's hi-ex bullets. I was hoping you'd bring those up. Nichol should be enough to deal with those.

As you can see, Nichol has two options. He can block them with the Alligator, as he did to the first one, or just withstand them, as he did for a while. Note: I only included the Nichol vs Explosion Hans stuff, but Huya was fighting Giant Gacho at this time as well. I'll get to that in a bit.

The thing is, Deadshot's not one for CQC, so if any of my team get close to him, which Taskmaster could logically do (via Spider-Man's agility), he's going down.

Taskmaster's got the acrobatics of both Spider-Man and Daredevil.

And then there's this:

He's so fast that they can't get a bead on him. And he's got the skills of the Silver Samurai.

And as for New 52 Deathstroke, whom I still think is a bit OP for this tourney, btw, he's going to be a big problem for my team. The only way I honestly see me being able to beat him is by taking out the rest of your team (a challenge in itself), and then teaming up on him. Other than that, Huya MIGHT be able to stall him, maybe even make him hurt.

The Breathless Rush could do some damage, or at least slow Stroke down. And this is early in the manga, before Huya learns Kyrie, or Graduale. I don't see any member of your team being unaffected if Huya manages to unleash the Breathless Rush.

Just out of interest, what is the limit of Slade's healing? I wonder if being sliced limb from limb would stop him, like Huya did to Vampiro Franco.

Would this be enough to take Slade out for some of the fight? An incapacitation, perhaps?

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:@sideslash: Alright I'll admit. That's some pretty cool stuff from TaskMaster. But it's kinda hard to dodge heatseakers, and I'm still not convinced that DeadShot couldn't tag TaskMaster. He had Captain Boomerang at point blank and I have already shown you him tagging a speedster in motion. So him comprehending your teams speed isn't an issue.

"I can see each beat of a hummingbird's wing" Those suckers beat their wings 80 per second.

And when I said h2h, I really meant point blank target practice for DeadShot.

As for Dredd's firepower, again, have fun dodging bullets that follow you. With Dredd's LawGiver, he can fire a wide variety of bullets. Plus, sneaking up on him will not be a problem.

Bip, Bip...Oh yeah.

It's a motion sensor. So have fun getting the drop on him

Plus he has also taken on Martial Art Masters

Stan Lee, a Martial art Master, Dredd doesn't even have to try.

As for DeathStroke, his armor should be enough to handle the attack. Even if it does cut threw, DeathStroke has taken a serious beating before and came out on top.

As for that healing factor, it works kinda like Ultimate Captain America's does. Bullet wounds, cuts, heal in an hour. But limbs and what not can't.

After having the Sub dropped on him.

Slade is moving faster then Meta Humans and Thanagarians. Speed shouldn't be an issue for Slade.

As for the Predator's speed, they are wildly fast. I've shown you the scan saying he ran after a train, and the quote that they can side step bullets. Just encase you want to see more.

My team has the speed, tech, accuracy, and skill to take down your team. While only Predator and Dredd(IMO) are the two strongest members, strength wise, they are also fast. If you'd like, I'll post scan on how much they can tank.

In the end my team will come out on top. It would be a hard and interesting fight. But I know my team could pull it off.

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@jwalser3: Damn. Deadshot's skill is going to be as much of a struggle as Deathstroke's healing factor.

However, Taskmaster could help with that.

Arrow in gun barrel ftw.

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@sideslash said:

@jwalser3: Damn. Deadshot's skill is going to be as much of a struggle as Deathstroke's healing factor.

However, Taskmaster could help with that.

Are you being sarcastic? Lol.

Because yeah his skill will be a problem. He isn't going to be in range for him to throw an arrow at him. Even if he was, uuhhhmm, he can shoot it before it enters the barrel.

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@jwalser3: Yeah, arrow in the gun barrel was a joke.

But Tasky could sneak up on him/ use cover to not get hit, then take him out in hand to hand.

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@sideslash: I guess. But if DeadShot is hanging around the highest point with the best vantage point, he'll be hard to get to. Well if that's that, are you ready to vote?

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@jwalser3: I guess. Good debate.

My closing point: I have the hand to hand advantage, you have the ranged advantage.

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I have to go with jwalser3

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it was fun to read

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@sideslash: Uh..I think we both have New 52 Batman on our teams for the tourny..

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@thundergodswrath: I was using Post-Crisis Bats, after it was pointed out to me. Anyways, I lost, so it don't matter.

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Cool debate. Both did great, Sideslash had some good points and brilliant scans, but i would have to side with the majority. Jwalser edges it.

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@jwalser3: Yep I'm gonna call this one you win the round. I'll add you to the list for rewards for the next round congrats.