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Any and All game and comic feats are allowed


- Abondoned Shaolin Monestary


- No outside help or interference

- Standard gear (Sonya gets to pistols)

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Sonya Blade is the better fighter, but Lara Croft is seems to have better marksmanship and is very competent.

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I'd go with Lara Croft as long as it doesn't end in h2h otherwise Sonya would dominate.

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Laura Croft only because she has weapons. In a h2h battla sonya blade would win

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Doesn't Sonya have batons or arm-razors? I distinctively remember having one of those, just not which exactly. Anyway, Sonya's a better fighter, and possibly stronger and faster considering. I'll go with her until someone can raise an argument for Lara.

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They both whip em out to see who is bigger!....Lol sorry could resist, but anyway hmm...gonna have to go with Sonya on this one especially if it comes H2H.

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sonya wins for obvious reasons