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Hello guys I have this battle

Location : Manhattan, NY

So who you think can win this battle easy the special force girl Sonya or the criminal mafia girl Nina

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Nina Williams sent by Mafia to kill the Mafia target Sonya Blade because Sonya killed and arrested many of the mafia members in the special force base with his team mate Jax, after that Nina she went to the top of the Empire state building in NYC and she started to shot Sonya with sniper, but Sonya destroyed the sniper shot, so what do you think the remain part of this story battle ?

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Cool battle. I think Nina takes it, she is more skilled in regards to H2H combat and she is more tactical but Sonya`s pretty tough. Nina will use her cunning to defeat her. As characters their both awesome.

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First of thanks for your comment dude, and I think your right in your comment Nina more skilled but also dont forget Sonya skills in fighting too specially her fatalities, peace

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Sonya wins, she is stronger and faster than nina.

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How is Nina more skilled in H2H? Sonya literally defies gravity with her "lugholoholohlolho" combo kicks.

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@BlueHope said:

Sonya wins, she is stronger and faster than nina.

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Thanks all for your comments I think in the end Sonya will win this battle and she will arrest Nina and put her in the Special Force base .

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@NeonGameWave: Do you agree If you consider on them they look like twins sis I think Nina look Sonya sis more than Anna do .

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@MUFC_92: I agree.

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I like this fight, and I think both have a shot to win though I think Sonya takes majority.

Nina can one shot opponents with precision strikes given the opportunity (a la Mk style) as she can/has broken the ribcage(s) of much larger opponents with relative ease. But Sonya can do the same, and her one shots rip people to pieces leaving them potentially unreconizable husks of their former selves.

Sonya (IMO) would win over all, beacuse though Nina is a seriously skilled assassin, Sonya is just faster and stronger with her striking attacks and she has some devistating grapple attacks of her own. I do think Nina has a serious shot if she can catch Sonya due to her grappling prowess, but the majority would just go the other way IMO.