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No prep

Morals off

Bloodlust on


Fight takes place in the mushroom kingdom

No Super forms

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What can Sonichu do? He looks like Sonic and Pikachu mixed together so I'm guessing he's pretty much Sonic with electrical abilities.

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It is unwise to misunderestimate the powers of an Electric Hedgehog Pokemon.

Aside from the obvious super-speed and body-spinning powers transferred to him from Sonic, Sonichu also possesses many powers based on his original Pikachu form, most notably his lightning and thunder attacks. Some of his special attacks include:

  • Sky Uppercut: Jumping punch to the head from below, presumably similar in fashion to theShoryuken from the Street Fighter games.
  • Mega Kick: A martial arts-style kick, sometimes done in midair.
  • Double Team: The attacker quickly creates an illusion that there are multiple attackers, disguising the real one temporarily and allowing them an opportunity to attack whilst the target is confused.
  • Spin Dash: Attacker curls into a ball and spins on the spot, before releasing and hurtling directly into the victim in a high-speed rolling attack. In the original games where this move came from, it was capable of breaking barriers, but this has yet to be seen in the comics.
  • Zap Cannonball: Attacker creates a ball of pure electrical energy in their hands, before thrusting their palms forward to fire it at the victim, in a similar fashion to the Hadouken from the Street Fighter games, or the Thunder Strike from Mega Man 7.
  • Iron Tail: Attacker swings his tail at the victim to hit them in a slapping attack.
  • Mud Slap: Attacker kicks conveniently placed mud to the victim's eyes to lower their accuracy.
  • Thunderbolt: Attacker charges up electrical power in body, before releasing it at the victim in the form of a long-ranged bolt of electricity.
  • Thunder: Attacker charges up electrical power, and uses it to summon lighting bolts down to the victim whilst simultaneously firing off electricity for a powerful lightning attack

Sonichu is also faster than the speed of sound.

Can Sonic possibly contend with this?

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I don't even...

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sonic takes chris-chan to court for copyright infringement, then sonichu magically vanishes

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