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So what video game characters can clear this lineup?

  • Perfect Chaos
  • Final Hazard
  • Metal Overlord
  • Devil Doom
  • Solaris
  • Erazor Djinn
  • Dark Gaia
  • Dark Queen
  • Egg Nega Wisp
  • Time Eater

No on omnipotent/omniscient/omnipresent characters

No one above planet buster strength

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Ok so looking up a few of these, Metal Overlord and Solaris aren't gonna be beaten by anyone. Because from what I have seen, the only thing that can beat Metal Overlord is Super Sonic Power done by Sonic's team, and even the team even with Super Sonic had a slim chance of beating him. 
Solaris is even worst, being omnipresent...so I don't see any other game character can beat them. Though note, am getting my info from the wiki so take that as whatever.

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@Wolfrazer: Hmm, I guess your right about Solaris. I suppose youd need high end reality/time warping to fight something like Solaris. But Metal Overlord could get wrecked by less. Anything near a mountain buster could destroy him I think. The only thing to look out for is temporary time stop.

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Maxwell? (may be considered omnipotent.)

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Six armed Asura possibly could. Kratos has a chance but just that. Devil Trigger Dante?

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@Juiceboks: Those guys could handle the majority of the list. Asura, I think could clear it. But not Dante and Kratos.

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Sephiroth perhaps?